XT.COM Lists AIPC in Its Innovation Zone(DeFi)

SINGAPORE, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — XT.COM has listed AIPC in the Innovation Zone(Defi) and has opened trading for the AIPC/USDT trading pair at 2022-09-16 10:00 (UTC).

AIPC is a cryptocurrency used for transactions on the WIZBL BRTE blockchain network. Coin holders will be able to benefit from the many DApps provided in the BRTE network and through the expansion of the BRTE platform, WIZBL is expected to become the new standard in the blockchain network. The AIPC coin is used for real time transactions on BRTE, a system developed to circumvent the slow transaction speed associated with existing blockchain platform models such as Bitcoin.

The structuring of WIZBL’s algorithms and efficiencies allows developers and entrepreneurs a platform to exchange ideas and develop and implement new technologies into their existing business models. In the center of this, AIPC coin holders will benefit from the BRTE network and its many DApps.

Following the fundamental mechanism of Bitcoin, the WIZBL platform can also mint coins using blockchain technology. Each coin minted has a value set and is converted based on the current value of AIPC. As the value of Smart contract deployed tokens and other digital assets in the blockchain grow, so does the value of the WIZBL coin. Investment in AIPC coins will therefore continue to appreciate in value in line with the production of new coins.

XT.COM will continue to further strengthen its battle-hardened crypto listing strategies to improve the trading options for all of its users. Everyone is encouraged to indulge in AIPC trading seamlessly anytime, anywhere without any limitations. As promised, XT.COM will continue welcoming projects for crypto listings and achieve parallel growth with them.


In response to the drawbacks of the existing cryptocurrency technology, WIZBL has devoted itself to developing the BRTE blockchain protocol. The BRTE platform was developed for real-time transactions and is devoted to minimizing time-consuming block creation and propagation tasks. In fact, the blocks on the BRTE platform are designed to contain up to one million transactions per second.

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About XT.COM

By consistently expanding its ecosystem, XT.COM is dedicated to providing users with the most secure, trusted, and hassle-free digital asset trading services. Our exchange is built from a desire to give everyone access to digital assets regardless where you are.

Founded in 2018, XT.COM now serves more than 6 million registered users, over 500,000+ monthly active users and 40+ million users in the ecosystem. Covering a rich variety of trading categories together with an NFT aggregated marketplace,  our platform strives to cater to its large user base by providing a secure, trusted and intuitive trading experience.

As the world’s first social-infused digital assets trading platform, XT.COM also supports social networking platform based transactions to make our crypto services more accessible to users all over the world. Furthermore, to ensure optimal data integrity and security, we see user security as our top priority at XT.COM.

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