Wow! Budblockz Could Be The Biggest Launch On Uniswap In 2022

With several cryptocurrencies being launched this year, it can be difficult to find positive news. Bucking the trend is, BudBlockz on Uniswap, which is beating the prevailing market trends and gaining great popularity.

Uniswap is a popular decentralized exchange. The platform allows users to trade cryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer market without requiring a centralized intermediary. UNI token holders govern, and it is one of the exchanges that experience consistent growth.

BudBlockz is a New Ecosystem

BudBlockz is still in the Presale Stages and is a new ecosystem already causing a stir due to its successful Private Sale. The platform benefits and supports the marijuana sector and allows users to sell, buy, and trade cannabis products using its BLUNT Token.

A significant part of the platform and the appeal of the token comes from its dual exposure to both cannabis and cryptocurrencies. For instance, investors can engage with the growing cannabis industry, irrespective of the laws. BLUNT holders can get fractional ownership of cannabis businesses such as dispensaries, farms, and cafes.

It is an Ethereum-based token and is a part of the cannabis industry. It offers many other advantages that will significantly raise the price of BLUNT. Like other Ethereum tokens, it is going to see a rise in value after the much-anticipated Merge.

Utility-Based Popularity

Blockchain Cannabis fans can use BudBlockz tokens to-

  • Buy quality Cannabis products securely over Blockchain
  • Acquire fractional ownership and invest in Cannabis stores, farms, and dispensaries across the world that is subscribed to the decentralized e-commerce platform of BudBlockz
  • Staking for token rewards
  • Vote on key protocol alterations to be made to the decentralized marijuana platform
  • Swap and trade tokens on certified cryptocurrency exchanges

With such a high utility level blended with the fact that the BudBlockz cryptocurrency project is a pioneer in the landscape of decentralized cannabis e-commerce, BLUNT’s value is only going to grow, and it will create a great earning opportunity for all investors.

Thus, if you want to reap big rewards from investing in the best crypto tokens with good market projections, you can go bullish about BudBlockz crypto tokens.

Future Plans and Developments of BudBlockz

BudBlockz is still in the process of development and presents the best opportunity to get involved early. It is launching its social media and website, a global marketing campaign, and explanatory information. Its official launch on Uniswap is a big step for BudBlockz.

There are many events and other processes to follow, like BLUNT token staking, listing on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, and Centralized Exchange. All these are still in the early phases of the ecosystem development, with applications, the decentralized NFT marketplace, DAO and the BudBlockz community in the pipeline.

BLUNT has distanced itself from meme coins that many believe will not have meaningful use cases. As the cannabis industry is riddled with legal and banking issues, the BLUNT token is specifically made for supporting businesses and individuals in legal jurisdictions while promoting access to those in restricted locations through the ownership of private tokens. So, it is the first of its kind.

The BLUNK token is going to have a total supply of 420 million tokens. 134 million of these are going to be available to buy before its IDO launch on UniSwap.

Bottom Line

BudBlockz will create and engage its community in different ways. It has been launched on Uniswap. There are many perks for the token holders, such as automatic membership of the BudBlockz Lounge. Additionally, DAO members and BLUNT token holders will have a voice in governing the ecosystem and its development. The BudBlockz platform is developing the work being performed by others in the cannabis and blockchain space to create an ecosystem that will be beneficial for stakeholders. It is the next big crypto that has created something new. BudBlockz is building a community to improve the cannabis industry.

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