VeChain to Extend its Team in Europe and is Ready to Hire 100+ Developers 

  • On 11 October 2022, Vechain inaugurated a new headquarter in Ireland. 
  • Earlier in September 2022, the UCO network and Vechain came together for better results.

In an interview with a crypto news outlet, Vechain told that the firm plans to expand its team in Europe. After a tweet retweeted by the official Twitter account of Vechain, the company is open to hiring 100+ new employees in Europe. 

Vechain verifies the expansion, commenting that they are opening new facilities in Europe “We’ve opened a new technology centre in Ireland and are hiring 100+ developers at the time.”  

The information came into the limelight after a Twitter user with the username @collectingvet posted on Twitter mentioning Vechain. The information got confirmed after Twitter Vechain retweeted the same post from @collectingvet.   

On 11 October, Vechain also informed that the firm opened a new Technology Centre in Ireland, and futhure, it mentioned a new HQ in San Marino, Europe.

VeChain has been functioning on improving its consensus mechanism between sustainable blockchain adoption. VeChain highlighted that the PoA 2.0 protocol update is an important step in creating “it the leading smart contract platform for enterprises, governments, and community identical.” As the VeChain Foundation described. 

Earlier in September 2022, TheCoinRepublic reported that the UCO network announced in a blog post their blockchain-based ESG-focused biofuel platform partnership with VeChain Foundation. Both firms came together to cater to building the blockchain infrastructure needed for the biofuels sector.   

UCO network is a known entity that provides traceability solutions for used cooking oil. These solutions are automatically in acquaintance with the Renewable Energy Directive II of the European Union.

A wide range of open source tools within VeChainThor includes Baas and turnkey solutions that provide the startup protocols in need, like UCO Network, to integrate and create a blockchain. For this, they do not need to rely on starting everything from basic by themselves, and it also lets them finish the operation at a very cheap cost and relatively faster. 

At present, VeChain is among the most secure Blockchain because earlier in 2020, An anonymous developer published an unofficial web app called VeChainThorScan that poses as a blockchain explorer for the VeChain (VET) cryptocurrency.    

Node also helps VeChainThorScan to be fast, scalable, and efficiently handle many simultaneous connection requests.

The developer has also stated that this is one of their first projects since learning to develop full-stack web apps.

Although the prices of VET tokens are facing a severe downtrend, while framing this article, VET is trading at $0.0217, the lowest trading price of the token in the last 52 weeks.     

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