The Blox and Capsule Corp. Labs Announce $1M+ Accelerator Program to fund 10 startups on Polkadot-based Blockchain Ternoa

TORONTO, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The Blox, an international Web3 accelerator, and Capsule Corp. Labs, the main development studio of the first NFT-centric blockchain Ternoa, have jointly announced an accelerator program for up to ten startups. The program prioritizes startups working in the Web3 entertainment sector, innovative NFT use cases, and infrastructure development for Web3.

Highlights of Ternoa and The Blox Accelerator Program

The accelerator program focuses on all the critical aspects of startup development, including financial support, mentorship, ecosystem development, and partnerships with relevant players.

Ben Constanty, Chairman of The Blox, said, “We’re really excited to kickstart this program with such a dynamic team. The Ternoa blockchain offers great use cases for innovative startups keen to build NFT utilities in the Polkadot ecosystem.”

Clément Tequi, CEO of Capsule Corp. Labs added, “We are ready to scale Ternoa and help the blockchain community build the NFT use cases of tomorrow while growing within the great Polkadot Ecosystem. The Blox has shaped the perfect program for our future founders and we can’t wait to welcome them on board.”

$1M+ in perks, grants, and additional investment opportunities

The Blox and Capsule Corp. Labs will provide a grant pool of $50,000 in $CAPS tokens for the top performers.

The accelerator program also provides up to $800K in perks, including free and discounted plans on services such as AWS, Notion, Github, Intercom and more.

The program features additional investment options for participants through a network of VCs and private investors working with The Blox and Capsule Corp. Labs.

Access to a network of top mentors

Ternoa and The Blox have structured this accelerator program across multiple stages to provide program participants with support and guidance throughout the three-month program. The participants will have access to industry leaders from different aspects of the Web3 industry.

The Blox has a network of over 50 Web3 experts, including founders, C-levels, and strategic advisors, with a robust background in building startups from the ground up. The accelerator program will allow participants to tap into the expertise of these mentors throughout the program tenure.

Technical support for program participants

The accelerator program will provide technical support to the participants through Capsule Corp. Labs. The scope of support will include technical framework development, cross-chain interoperability, network security, and integration with existing dApps.

The Blox and Ternoa will help participants identify and collaborate with ecosystem partners to speed up their development and growth efforts.

First cohort to launch on November 15th, applications are now open

The first cohort of this accelerator program is set to launch on November 15th and will end on February 15th, 2023.

The structure of the program includes:

  • Participation application
  • Approval and interview for admission
  • Business idea development
  • Ecosystem development
  • Marketing guidance
  • Fundraising support
  • Demo Day with an investment committee for all participants

The applications for Ternoa and The Blox accelerator program are open now and startups can submit their application here.

Projects can find more details about the program on this page.

About The Blox

The Blox accelerates innovative Web3 startups across the world by focusing on their growth and development. The Blox’s ecosystem consists of investors, c-level executives, Web3 startups, organizations, key partners, experienced advisors and universities. More information can be found about The Blox on the official website.

About Ternoa

Ternoa is a Substrate-based blockchain dedicated to Utility NFTs. Ternoa makes NFTs’ mass adoption possible thanks to standardized on-chain NFT functions and a javascript SDK to reach out to the largest possible number of developers. Ternoa was founded by Mickael CANU, CEO and serial entrepreneur. More information about Ternoa can be found here.

About Capsule Corp. Labs

Capsule Corp. Labs is the main developer on Ternoa blockchain. The labs fosters the development of new dapps and use cases on Ternoa chain and work with large corporate accounts and web3 startups to facilitate their integration on Ternoa. Capsule Corp. belongs to Ternoa’s ecosystem and is led by Clément TEQUI, CEO and co-founder of Ternoa. More information about the Labs can be found here.