The Best Crypto Token To Buy Now Over Tron And Hedera

Big Eyes Coin has entered this space at a critical time in crypto history. Its moment in crypto is significant as it introduces a new kind of crypto token. Big Eyes Coin has several features that might hinder its growth; however, it has devised a means to leverage these seeming stumbling blocks into stepping stones to facilitate its development.

This article will highlight what makes Big Eyes Coin unique and how it intends to compete with other crypto projects. It will also briefly compare Big Eyes Coin, Tron, and Hedera.

Introducing Big Eyes Coin To This Space

Big Eyes began as an innovative project inspired by a big-eyed cat intending to leverage its cuteness for profit. The Big Eyes cat serves as the main protagonist behind this project.

According to its white paper, the Big Eyes cat has visited many places worldwide, made friends, and learned new customs. Learning from its global tour, the cat decided to create a community of members worldwide.

Big Eyes is not a selfish crypto project designed to enrich its developers and high-ranking officials. The goal propagated by Big Eyes involves creating a platform that rewards members for their time and effort put in to support the platform.

What Makes Big Eyes Coin Unique?

From the description given above, it is evident that Big Eyes is a meme coin inspired by a cat; a new addition in the meme coin verse. Ever since Dogecoin made meme coins desired digital assets, several developers have followed its trend by creating more DOG-themed projects.

Big Eyes Coin doesn’t intend to bask in the shadow of any pre-existing success story. On the contrary, Big Eyes will mark itself as the first-ever cat-themed meme coin project. It promises to become the next Dogecoin as it sets the new trend for meme coin creation.

This bold move to be unique has made Big Eyes widely accepted, evident in its presale success.

Big Eyes is Ethereum-based and has its native ERC-20 cryptocurrency with BIG as its ticker symbol. This token has been on presale since Q3 of 2022. It recently entered its third presale phase, which has almost sold out. Before highlighting the steps involved in buying the presale, let us compare Big Eyes Coin, Tron, and Hedera.

 Big Eyes Coin Versus Tron And Hedera

Justin Sun created the Tron project in 2017 as a blockchain-based platform. During its launch, it restricted its utility to the Asian part of the world. It is now one of the most utilized tokens in the world.

The Hedera project design operates as a modification of blockchain technology. It uses a Hashgraph to process and verify transactions. In addition to sharing similar characteristics with blockchains, this Hashgraph has some significant flaws.

These differences, pointed out by critics, make it unreliable.

Unlike Hedera, Big Eyes will leverage the features of the new and improved Ethereum blockchain to fill the needs of its users. Like Tron, it is made available to members all over the globe. It gives all its members equal opportunities to leverage its platform and make money for themselves.

How To Buy Big Eyes Token Presale Before it Concludes

The Big Eyes presale has some groundbreaking achievements. During the first week of the presale alone, it sold over a million dollars in BIG tokens. This indicates that it has the backing of the big players.

As of the time of writing, Big Eyes has sold over $6.7 million BIG tokens during its presale. If you take this opportunity you could potentially become a crypto millionaire.

To buy the presale, you need to use Trustwallet or Metamask wallet. 

Fund this crypto wallet with the tokens you intend to exchange for BIG crypto tokens. You can use USDT, BNB, or ETH tokens to buy the presale. The next step is to visit the Big Eyes Website and access the presale section on your crypto wallet browser.

Connect your wallet with the browser and indicate how many BIG tokens you want to buy. Approve the transaction to seal the purchase. The newly purchased BIG will be claimable at the end of the big token presale. 


Big Eyes Coin has several rewards within its ecosystem. Participate in the token presale to enjoy these rewards.

Use this exclusive code – ‘BIG1610’ – to get bonus tokens when purchasing Big Eyes Coins!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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