TAMA Nears 1/5th of Baby DogeCoin Market Cap

Despite being a recent innovation, the Tamadoge has had quite a noticeable impact on the crypto market. More and more debates are springing up by the day about the performance of the Tamadoge Coin while comparing it to other coins and crypto tokens. Most significantly, the debates focused on an in-depth look at their initial performance post-launch. Therefore, in this article, we will run a market cap analysis underlying the performance of the Tamadoge, in contrast to the Baby Doge Coin and Dogelon Mars. We also seek to answer some of the basic questions about how Tamadoge and how the coin has attained such a feat. So, shall we?

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Meme coins have been around for quite a while before gaining popularity post-COVID. As a matter of fact, they became popular in 2021. This is eight years after Dogecoin, the first meme coin was created. Generally, meme coins are designed to imitate animated and inanimate characters, and memes. Tamadoge, Baby Doge Coin, and Dogelon Mars fall under this category.

Tamadoge is a newly-launched utility token and crypto-gaming crypto-gaming cryptocurrency. It was launched on the 27th of September 2022 and listed on OKX. According to a report by InsideBitcoins, Tamadoge has done 20% of baby doge coin and Dogelon mars market cap. This means that the total unit of Tamadage traded by the public is almost the same as the value of Baby Doge coin and Dogelon Mars combined.

The Tamadoge has been doing pretty well even before its launch. The July 2022 presale was a testimonial. The coin hit a presale benchmark of $19 million. This happened within the first eight weeks after the commencement of the presale marketing campaign. Today, the 6th of October 2022, it sells at US$0.083487 and has a total sales volume of $88,325,067.

Baby doge coin is is a cryptocurrency that is based on memes. According to Investopedia, little more than 300,000 crypto traders and investors have units of Tamadoge in their wallets. The report also held that the creators of Baby Doge advise that it is best to purchase units or bulks of the baby doge coin through the PancakeSwap or Uniswap exchange. However, there are other crypto exchange platforms where interested buyers might also be able to purchase it through other exchanges or wallet providers.

Last on this list is Dogelon Mars. Dogelon Mars is an innovation named after Elon Musk – The richest man in the world. It is a meme coin that intends to refine the idea behind the Dogecoins while portraying Elon Musk’s vision to take over Mars – one of the nine planets in the solar system.


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Why did the Tamadoge have such a market cap compared to Baby Doge Coin and Dogelon Mars?

Undoubtedly, Tamadoge is a meme coin and uses the same decentralized control system as Baby Doge Coin and Dogelon Mars. However, the public did not relate to the sales of the three coins the same way. What did the team at Tamadoge do well?

First, and most significantly, the team at Tamadoge rolled out their pre-sale campaign earlier. As said earlier, the presale campaign for TAMA began in July 2022. From this presale marketing campaign, the company was able to hit a benchmark sales volume of $19 million. Aside from this, the presale campaign also contributed to increasing awareness about the project. Likewise, the system of audience targeting put in place is another factor for increased sales of units and bulks of the project. As against Baby Doge Coin and Dogelon Mars, the Tamadoge was created for a diversified audience. Memers, gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and investors are top among this cadre of targeted audience

Other factors that contributed to the increase in market cap for Tamadoge include niche identification and improved marketing strategy. By the former, we mean that the Tamadoge was developed for an entirely new and unique niche – the metaverse. It is the first-ever cryptocurrency created for the metaverse. Hence, the reason for the continuous rise in the number of patronages recorded by the company. Likewise, following the word of the head of the team at Tamadoge, the company is deploying the best of its marketing strategy and will do more in the future.


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Should I buy units of Tamadoge or Baby Doge Coin?

At the moment, Tamadoge is one of the best-selling cryptocurrencies. It has also been envisioned by the creators to appreciate more in value in the coming years. Therefore, if you want to build wealth while thinking short-term or long-term this summer, Tamadoge remains a good option. To buy units or bulk of Tamadoge and take charge of your future as a crypto enthusiast, you can click here.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Tamadoge, Baby Doge Coin, Dogelon Mars

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Tamadoge, Baby Doge Coin, Dogelon Mars, and their market cap analysis, and vetted answers to them:

What is the current price of Tamadoge today?

As of today, the 6th of October 2022, the current price of Tamadoge is US$0.083487.

What is the current price of Baby Doge Coin today?

As of today, the 6th of October 2022, the current price of thE Baby Doge Coin is $0.000000001221

How much is the Dogelon Mars Coin selling today?

As of today, the 6th of October 2022, the current price of the Dogelon Mars Coin is US$0.000021.

What is the total sales volume for Tamadoge today?

As of today, the 6th of October 2022, the total sales volume of the TamaDoge Coin is US$88,053,682.

Additional information:

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