New partnership with global leading company will open trillion-dollar market in the metaverse

  • The Canyon First Concept hub will give users a fully digital experience of being in the countryside or a campsite.
  • The SHIB Metaverse team also uncovered the concept art for two other hubs for the projects of WAGMI Temple and Rocket Pond.

Meme cryptocurrency project Shiba Inu has been working on its Metaverse project for a while. On Tuesday, October 4, the team behind SHIB Metaverse unveiled a breakthrough art concept for “Canton”, a new digital location that will play an important role for Metaverse users.

The Canyon First concept artwork highlights a visual representation process in which an environment contains a certain look. This concept has been commonly used in films and video games to present a set vision and feeling that will inspire a deeper connection with the atmosphere.

Concept art brings together the creative outlook and other aspects of the project. For the Canyon First Concept Art, the SHIB Metaverse has collaborated with THE THIRD FLOOR visualization studio. The official announcement notes:

We’ve partnered with the top visualization studio in the world THE THIRD FLOOR (TTF) to push the boundaries of immersive environments and provide direction in regards to how SHIB should be represented by listening to our community and broadcasting feedback directly to the studio experts.

The Canyon First Concept Art encapsulates the essence of Earthy, Rivers, Adventure, and Breathtaking Scenery. Users can also immerse themselves in different activities such as Rock Climbing, Waterskiing, Slot Mazes, ATV Mountain, White Water Rafting, and a lot more.

The Canyon HUB also seeks to give its users a fully digital experience of being at a campsite or at the countryside. Currently, the art concept of the HUB is only available in black and white. Besides, the visual concept has been inspired by different locations. This includes Lake Tahoe, the Badlands in the U.S, Salt Flats, Grand Canyon, etc.

Additional projects by SHIB metaverse

The SHIB Metaverse team has been working on other key projects as well! Last month in September, the Metaverse team uncovered the concept art for two other hubs for the projects of WAGMI Temple and Rocket Pond.

The WAGMI Temple represents the concept of “zen-meditation-spiritual relaxation”. Also, the WAGMI Temple’s visual appearance takes inspiration from temples and meditation centers from around the world. The goal behind creating it is to allow users of Metaverse to enjoy experiences like meditation, yoga, and other spiritual and relaxation practices.

On the other hand, the goal of the Rocket Pond hub hasn’t been much clear. But the SHIB Metaverse team said that the concept of rocket for the crypto community has been associated with energy, action, and massive price surges.

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) price has been under selling pressure during the crypto winter of 2022. Last year in 2021, the SHIB cryptocurrency delivered a stellar performance in the bull run. The developer team at Shiba Inu has been undertaking key projects such as the Metaverse developments recently.