Lolli’s New Mobile App Allows Users to Earn Bitcoin at 10,000+ Stores

Lolli launched Card Boosts for iOS in April 2022, and since then it has more than doubled its Card Boost retailer offerings, bringing on retailers like Chevron, Shake Shack, Safeway, CVS, & more.

Lolli launched “Card Boosts” for its iOS app in April 2022, and has since expanded to Android and more than doubled its participating retailers, bringing on brands like Chevron, Shake Shack, Safeway, CVS, & more.

Lolli Introduces New Cards Boosts

Lolli, a Bitcoin rewards app recently announced the launch of its new mobile app experience with new “Card Boosts”. This allows users to earn bitcoin when shopping at over 10,000 stores, like CVS, Shake Shack, Chevron, Costco, & more.

Crypto adoption among retailers and on Wall Street has been moving ahead. Reaching a state of mainstream adoption means earning and owning Bitcoin should be a seamless part of people’s daily lives. Alex Adelman, CEO and co-founder of Lolli, expressed his excitement at the wider retailer offering of Bitcoin rewards.

“With Card Boosts, you don’t need to get a new credit card, pay any fees, or change your routine to enjoy the benefits of earning bitcoin rewards. In under a minute, you can add Bitcoin rewards to your credit or debit cards to start earning at 10,000+ of your favorite stores.

These are the kinds of innovations the industry needs to reach a mainstream adoption of bitcoin, and we’re excited to have made bitcoin rewards more widely and easily accessible with Card Boosts.”

Other signs of mainstream adoption include a recent announcement by Bank of New York Mellon that it will custody services for cryptocurrencies. According to the press release, the oldest U.S. bank will offer custody and transfer services for Bitcoin and Ether for its clients.

Card Boosts – A Big Advancement

Matt Senter, CTO and Co-founder of Lolli said that Lolli was built to eliminate barriers to entry for earning and owning Bitcoin. Card Boosts are an advancement toward achieving that goal.

“Now, everyone can start earning bitcoin rewards with their existing credit or debit card, just by linking a card on the Lolli app. We’re thrilled to have created the easiest and most privacy-centric way to onboard people into Bitcoin” he noted.

The founders of Lolli are of the opinion that Bitcoin has been a high-performing asset over the last decade, outperforming the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100. As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin continues to be embraced by financial institutions, merchants, and retail users seeking access to a neutral, global, monetary resource.

What is Lolli?

Founded in 2018 by Matt Senter and Alex Adelman, Lolli makes Bitcoin accessible to all by offering Bitcoin rewards to shoppers on their everyday purchases. Shoppers can use Lolli’s mobile app or browser extension to earn bitcoin rewards online at more than 1,000 top retailers and Fortune 500 companies including Grubhub, Microsoft,, Stubhub, & more.

Where to find Lolli

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