Here’s Why This Week Could Be Disruptive for Cryptocurrency Markets – U.Today

Arman Shirinyan

Cryptocurrency market will finally face some volatility increase since September


The past few weeks on the cryptocurrency market were relatively calm as the lack of financial-related events allowed some assets to enter short-term local recovery rallies. However, next week, investors should brace themselves for an upcoming volatility spike and here is why.

FOMC, CPI, PPI and more

In only one week, several macro-economical data reports will be released to the public, which will most likely cause some movements on both the financial and the digital asset markets. CPI data will once again tell investors how financial regulators handle inflation in the country and if there is a need for additional hardening of the monetary policy.

Source: MarketWatch

FOMC meeting minutes should also give investors more clarity on how regulation came to the decision to increase the key rate in the United States. With more details, investors will be able to form a certain opinion on how the institution will react to the feature.

Depending on the narrative of financial regulators, the cryptocurrency market will react with a volatility increase upwards or downwards. As for now, the lack of effect on inflation according to the last CPI report makes most investors bet on a continuation of the strict monetary policy.


Not pricing in

Despite the importance of upcoming events, the biggest digital assets like Bitcoin are not pricing in any kind of outcome since the price performance of digital gold remains on an anemic level.

Bitcoin has been moving in a low volatility price range for the past few weeks, bouncing between the $18,000 and $22,000 price levels. Such movement suggests that neither bulls nor bears are dominating on the market, and the outcome of the aforementioned event should bring us more clarity.