EU Crypto Tax Laws Likely To Take Effect In 2024, Binance Smart Chain Protocols Like Oryen Network Have Years To Adjust

The European Union recently passed a vote to continue regulating and restricting crypto trading within its borders. It also passed another law to identify those trading cryptos within the EU. However, many still argue that digital currencies should be free from traditional legislation. While this news may concern some—it arguably shows a continued mainstream acceptance that crypto has a tremendous future.

And it’s also important to remember that these laws will not take effect until 2024. This gives investors and projects plenty of time to adjust, and there’s still a huge upside for top projects. That’s why investments are increasing into Binance Smart Chain Protocols like Oryen Network.

Oryen Network (ORY)

As one of the best new projects on the Binance Smart Chain, Oryen Network has been gaining recognition for its incredible range of features. Importantly, it’s just entering its first pre-sale phase, which means you get to enjoy huge growth from the ground up before much of the broader market catches on. And with ORY’s compelling range of features, more of the wider market should be taking notice soon. That’s because ORY offers exceptional 90% APY returns with the easiest staking mechanism in crypto and a strong range of security and protection features. These all make up a project that’s primed for growth. Now could be the time to invest in ORY.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

ORY is one of the most interesting new projects on the Binance Smart Chain. But BSC is already home to other important concepts and is integral to the wider Binance Ecosystem. With more crucial solutions being created on Binance Smart Chain, it’s one of the blockchains to look out for if you want solid fundamentals and future growth.


ORY is one of the hottest properties on the BSC, which is also home to countless other interesting projects. There’s plenty of time to adjust to new EU legislation, so tokens like ORY could be ideal investments right now.

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