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Valeria Blokhina

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Max Keiser breaks down whether he holds XRP, aside from Bitcoin

Bitcoin evangelist Max Keiser has responded to some Twitter users’ questions concerning Bitcoin and Ripple-affiliated token XRP. In particular, crypto community members wondered whether Keiser is secretly holding any other crypto, aside from BTC, such as XRP, and if he would be surprised to see a chart comparing XRP and Bitcoin, which is beneficial for XRP, but not BTC. Keiser replied by saying that he does not hold XRP since it is centralized and, thus, easy to take down. He also added that, unlike Bitcoin, “XRP does not do anything useful.”

Shiba Inu token surges 8%, but it’s not SHIB

BONE, a ShibaSwap token that recently became widespread on crypto exchanges, has spiked 8% since the trading session opened on Monday. BONE succeeded at attracting the attention of large Ethereum holders despite a lack of growth stories: per WhaleStats’ fresh data, the cryptocurrency has become one of the most used smart contracts among the top 500 ETH whales. However, BONE is not widely exposed among the top 100 of these investors, unlike SHIB, which accounts for 5% of their portfolio. At the same time, BONE is expected to increase its exposure in ETH whales’ portfolios with the release of Shibarium, where the token will be used as a gas fee. BONE is currently trading at $0.9922.


Michael Saylor pitches Bitcoin to Ray Dalio

Billionaire Ray Dalio has recently shared a tweet, in which he urged his followers to keep in mind that most people only pretend to operate in your interest while actually operating in their own. Former MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor responded to Dalio’s advice, stating that Bitcoin is the only money that aligns all interests to focus on peaceful engagement, rational action and productive industry. The hedge fund legend is yet to react to Saylor’s take. Back in 2017, Dalio dismissed the world’s first cryptocurrency as a bubble, but in 2021, he warmed up to it and ended up buying a small amount of Bitcoin. However, he still believes that Bitcoin could be outlawed if it becomes too successful.

Floki Inu launches petition to get Binance to list FLOKI

According to Floki Inu’s Twitter announcement, it started a petition to get Binance to add support for FLOKI on the platform. The announcement tweet posted by the Floki Inu team does not reveal much information, aside from the fact that more than 29,000 people have already signed the petition. Earlier this year, Floki Inu launched another petition to get Floki Inu listed on popular trading platform Robinhood. Unfortunately, only 1,902 enthusiasts supported the initiative with their signatures. A similar petition was launched last year to get Shiba Inu added on Robinhood. By November, it had collected roughly half a million signatures from the SHIB army. Finally, SHIB was indeed added by Robinhood, to the joy of its fans and users.