Cardano launches exclusive NFT collection

  • Etter Edition 01, a hybrid art project will host its NFTs on the Cardano blockchain network.
  • The physical rendition of Etter Edition 01 will display the same regenerative motion graphics as its digital NFT equivalent on the Cardano blockchain.

Earlier today, October 7, the Cardano Foundation announced the launch of a new hybrid physical and NFT generative art project – Etter Edition 01. Minted by Swiss-based Web3 infrastructure provider NMKR, the Etter Edition 01 NFTs, can be redeemed as physical pieces of art on the Cardano blockchain network.

The Etter Edition 01 has been co-created by Christian Etter and Alexander E. Brunner. As per the announcement, the physical rendition of Etter Edition 01 will display the same regenerative motion graphics as its digital NFT equivalent on the Cardano blockchain.

This development gives the Cardano blockchain a big boost toward hosting non-fungible tokens on the platform. It also helps the Cardano blockchain to boost its competition further with its biggest rival Ethereum. The project highlight Cardano’s capabilities of facilitating the creation of NFTs along with other advanced metadata features.

Another interesting feature is that the users can pay for the NFTs using any currency. This highlights the impressive interoperability capabilities of the Cardano blockchain network. Speaking on the development, Christian Etter, an internationally-recognized artist, and designer, said:

This limited series of artwork shows the enormous benefits that decentralization can bring to the creative world. Through this project I’ve become truly awed by how art can be revolutionized and enhanced through technology. After many months of studying, prototyping, and developing new algorithms and hardware for this project, my eyes are truly open to the possibilities.

More details of Etter Edition 01

The Etter Edition 01 art piece comes with a decentralized algorithm that can change the painting infinitely over time. This helps in uniting the distinct qualities of the physical as well as the digital realm. The use of the Cardano blockchain provides the buyer with the surety of owning the authentic and unaltered algorithm. This also makes the code an integral part of the artwork.

The studio by Christian Etter works at the cross-section of art and technology. The internationally-recognized artist has worked previously with brands like Hermés, Google, Tommy Hilfiger, and IBM for creating human-centered experiences. Commenting on this development, Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, concluded:

The launch of the Etter Edition 01 project on the Cardano Blockchain demonstrates the enormous potential of the Cardano blockchain. This project also highlights Cardano Foundation’s focus to facilitate innovation and solve real-world problems across global industries through our leading interoperability and development capacity.

The launch of Etter Edition 01 NFTs could provide a major boost to Cardano thereby attracting more NFT projects in the future.