Big Eyes Coin vs Cardano – Which Cryptocurrency Has The NFTs With The Most Potential?

Big Eyes coin (BIG) has exploded onto the cryptocurrency scene by generating close to 4 million dollars during its pre sale.

Just when you think the hype behind meme coins is starting to fade, Big Eyes coin emerges to prove that crypto is not all about blockchains, decentralized apps, and various other technological developments.

Instead, it is supposedly about gaining access to innovative and creative digital items that you can be proud of.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have completely changed the crypto landscape. It doesn’t matter if you want collectible items, artwork, event tickets or to indulge in a virtual-reality game, you can find a relevant NFT out there.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies with a wide range of NFTs like Cardano (ADA) have been so successful in the crypto market.

After all, many crypto geeks don’t just want to play the long game and pray for a healthy return from their investments. With fun and unique NFTs, they can try to make money while owning cool commodities at the same time.

The dilemma now is, which NFTs will rise to the summit of the cryptocurrency world and which tokens are doomed to a mediocre existence?

Can Big Eyes coin surpass Cardano with its unbearable cuteness or does the italian-sounding crypto have too much in the tank?

Cardano Is The King Of NFT Variety

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency with a large array of NFTs to invest in, you can’t go wrong with Cardano.

One of Cardano’s most popular NFT projects is Spacebudz. As its name suggests, investors can purchase their very own space buddy. With over 10,000 designs to choose from, you can pick the one that tickles your fancy (or the one that you think will sell for a huge profit in the future).

Another major project of Cardano is called Pavia. This is a virtual reality game that is based on the metaverse. Players have the opportunity to win a range of rewards to essentially upgrade their digital character’s life.

And then you have the weird and wonderful Clay Mates, where investors have a plethora of clay characters to choose from, which all vary in price and appearance.

Big Eyes Coin Doesn’t Just Offer Cute NFTs

Similar to Cardano, Big Eyes coin intends to provide many different NFTs. Most of which will be cat-related and be part of the NFT Sushi Crew. Besides, having ambitions of becoming one of the top ten NFTs on the crypto market.

With Big Eyes coin NFTs set to evolve in stage 4 of its release, it is fair to assume that these digital items will become even cuter.

However, it is the meaning behind each NFT investment that allows Big Eyes coin to be a worthy competitor to the likes of Cardano.

According to the Big Eyes website, 5% of their total supply will be held in a charity wallet and then donated to ocean-saving charities. This means real-world cats will have more tasty fish food to eat and seas everywhere are likely to be less polluted.


Final Thoughts

Due to being founded in 2017, Cardano is a larger NFT powerhouse than Big Eyes Coin and has significantly more tokens to offer.

Nevertheless, Big Eyes coin arguably has greater potential because every time someone decides to purchase an NFT, they are making a positive difference to the environment Hence, this could give potential investors an extra incentive to continually invest in Big Eyes NFTs.



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