Betterment Launches Innovative Cryptocurrency Offering

Largest Independent Digital Investment Advisor Debuts Crypto Investing by Betterment with Four Diversified Crypto Portfolios

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Betterment, the largest independent digital investment advisor in the U.S., announced today the launch of its cryptocurrency offering, Crypto Investing by Betterment. Betterment will add expert-built, managed, and diversified crypto portfolios alongside its traditional investing portfolios. The portfolios will be available to both retail customers and advisors.

Crypto Investing by Betterment will include four crypto portfolios that allow customers to invest in curated selections of assets:

  • Universe: Features a diversified collection of cryptocurrencies, including established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, offering broad exposure across the crypto landscape, from decentralized finance to the metaverse and more
  • Sustainable: Includes cryptocurrencies that transact sustainably or those on networks with a path to sustainability, like the newly transitioned Proof of Stake Ethereum
  • Metaverse: Focuses on cryptocurrency projects currently building a network of immersive digital experiences and new approaches to digital commerce, including real estate, gaming, entertainment, and more
  • Decentralized Finance: Provides exposure to assets leveraging blockchain technology to offer financial services without the need for banks or other centralized institutions

“We are excited to introduce a crypto product that helps to simplify this emerging asset class,” said Sarah Levy, Betterment’s CEO. “Expert-built portfolios, coupled with educational content, will guide interested Betterment customers into digital assets. Our aim is to be a trusted partner to our customers and empower them to make crypto a part of their long term investing strategy.”

Beyond crypto portfolios, retail investors and financial advisors will also have access to a wealth of information on the asset class including an educational resource center, a bi-weekly crypto newsletter, and regular commentary from our experts. Importantly, Betterment will recommend that customers limit their crypto exposure to no more than 5% of their investable assets.

Crypto Investment by Betterment represents the next phase in providing customers more investing choice. The addition of four crypto portfolios follows on last year’s introduction of an Innovative Technology portfolio. The new Sustainable crypto portfolio builds on the three socially responsible portfolios that have become popular options for Betterment customers.

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