BCB Group’s New DeFi Yield Product Offers Investors Attractive

BCB Group – a leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy, announces the launch of its latest new investment strategy – DeFi Yield – and appoints Re7 Capital as the fund manager for this strategy.

Earlier this year, BCB Group successfully launched BCB Yield, a specialised open-ended investment vehicle that allows professional investors to generate attractive returns by making investments in the crypto industry while maintaining full flexibility and liquidity of their capital. The first available investment strategy deployed by BCB Yield was institutionalised lending to market makers in the crypto industry. Now BCB Group announces that it has added a new Decentralised Finance – DeFi – strategy to BCB Yield in partnership with Re7 Capital. BCB Group is the first and currently only regulated institution compliantly creating and offering multi-currency yield products.

The new DeFi strategy allows professional investors easy access to a fast-growing investment market that has generated substantial returns – even during the recent challenging times in the capital markets. The flexible, open-ended fund structure allows it to serve clients as an integrated part of their next-generation cash and liquidity management, where cash on the balance sheet is put more actively to work while maintaining liquidity on a monthly basis. Re7 Capital adopts a series of different market-neutral strategies within DeFi, like automated market making, stablecoin arbitrage and liquidity pool lending, to generate returns to investors. The strategy incorporates strong risk practices which are in place to ensure investors are safe as they access this exciting opportunity.

“We are delighted to announce this new strategy and the appointment of the Re7 Capital team, who have a strong background in investment management and are embedded within the DeFi ecosystem. BCB Yield is designed to give our clients access to a new asset class for investment in a streamline way, helping clients turn a passive balance sheet into an active investment.” says Michael Kourtis, Executive Director – Product – Markets (Trading & Yield) at BCB Group. “Together with Re7 Capital, we can provide exposure into a high growth area that has now over $100bn of locked value in protocols, compared to $200mn in early 2020”.

“BCB Group shares our vision for making web3 investment products accessible and easier to use for a broader market and to do that in full compliance with regulations” says Evgeny Gokhberg, Managing Partner at Re7 Capital. “The DeFi investment strategies we bring to investors here are not investments into crypto assets as such, but investments leveraging the dynamics and growth of the crypto industry”.

Future versions of BCB Yield will offer more options for yield generation through vehicles such as DeFi lending, Farming and Staking, Decentralised Funds and Crypto Fund of Funds.

With a dedicated focus on institutional payment services, BCB Group provides business accounts, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange market liquidity for some of the world’s largest crypto-engaged financial institutions. BCB Group is the only multi-regulated institution of its kind to offer clients a complete end-to-end suite of payment processing, cryptocurrency trading, investment strategies and custody services accessible through a unified API-enabled platform, allowing clients to access an entire range of digital asset services in one place.