Articles by Jerry Usman – Bitcoin Magazine

Jerry Usman is an electrical engineer, tech writer, and blockchain specialist. His interest spans renewable energy, finance, and technology. An avid reader driven by curiosity, he first came across bitcoin as an undergraduate just surfing the internet.

Due to the naivety of a novice, in 2015, he lost the money of his first attempt to buy bitcoin. Unrelenting in his pursuit, he made his way into the crypto space.

Not until 2018 did a friend introduce him to Bitcointalk, where he learned about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

Jerry holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He has spent the last four years building out his designs while deepening his knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem. And when he is not writing, he is working on some renewable system design or carrying out some electrical installation.

He believes in the possibility of a green future and strongly supports any course that will emancipate a higher consciousness for a better society.

The bitcoin areas jerry writes about include bitcoin scalability, energy efficiency, regulations, and adoption. He believes that the future is decentralized and borderless; many just don’t see it yet—one of the reasons he decided to pick the pen.

……………..Always believe in yourself and no matter what happens, keep moving…………..