Why Big Eyes (BIG) Is Replacing Names Like Cardano And Uniswap As Analysts’ Favourite Crypto Asset

Cryptocurrencies might be an unconventional financial instrument for many, but it’s winning the hearts of investors across the world. Right from eliminating the involvement of third-party institutions like central banks and brokerage firms to doing away with time-consuming KYC formalities, cryptocurrencies have catalysed the world of financial services by building a foundation for decentralised finance (DeFi).

 Bolstered by advancements in blockchain technology that powers them and their surging returns, the case for cryptocurrencies only gets stronger. For those who’re still trying to make sense of the crypto universe, there are extensive resources available on the web. 

They can start by researching some of the leading names like Big Eyes (BIG), Cardano (ADA), and Uniswap (UNI) and then pick a cryptocurrency to invest in. Here’s a look into some of the key features of these cryptocurrencies.

Big Eyes: Making a splash with meme coins

Big Eyes is an upcoming meme coin that strives to disrupt the decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem by enabling more investors to blockchain-based assets for wealth generation.

The launch of the platform comes at a time when meme coins are increasingly being sought for their potential to generate wealth in a sustained manner. The platform has also rolled out a native token called BIG that will be available for purchase on presale for anyone interested.

The token will be useful in meeting any transactional obligations that one may encounter on the platform, like staking, earning rewards, liquidity pool provisioning, and other similar use cases.

The inspiration behind the meme coin is a cat called Big Eyes, whose biggest complex was his cuteness. Whenever anyone called him cute because of his big eyes, he thought he was being considered weak or meek.

Born in Washington DC, Big Eyes was having the times of his life with his adopted parents – a rocket scientist couple – until they abandoned him when he was just three. What followed was a sea voyage on a yacht and a chance visit to Japan. Between learning about the ways of the sea, the Japanese culture, sushi, and zazen, Big Eyes realised that what he thought was a weakness was his strength. He realised he could cash in on his cuteness to inspire memes and earn millions every year. And that’s how the Big Eyes meme coin was born.

The process of purchasing the BIG Token on presale is an easy one. Interested buyers will have to ensure that they have an activated digital wallet like MetaMask or any other option that’s compatible with WalletConnect, which is an open-source tool to connect mobile phones and dApps. 

Big Eyes recommends the MetaMask wallet for desktop users and the Trust Wallet for those using mobile browsers. They can also use their debit or credit cards to purchase the tokens.

Next, they need to select the payment mode and make the payment. If a buyer is using their debit or credit cards, they would first need to purchase ETH tokens and use them to buy the BIG Tokens.

It is recommended that the users purchase ETH Tokens worth $15 at least so that they can buy the minimum units of BIG Tokens that are admissible by the platform. They will be able to claim the purchased tokens once the public presale ends.

Cardano’s IOG group launches mainnet version of Daedalus wallet

Cardano is a decentralised platform that equips developers with the right tools to build and deploy highly scalable and secure dApps and decentralised systems using the power of the ouroboros blockchain network.

Built on the proof-of-stake consensus protocol, Cardano has a native token ADA, and it can be used for staking and other similar transactional purposes. 

What fuels the unmatched security and sustainability of the dApps deployed on Cardano is the peer-reviewed and evidence-based methodology that goes into building the various developer-friendly tools offered by the platform. Recently, the firm looking after Cardano, Input Output Group, launched Daedalus Wallet’s mainnet version.

Uniswap’s UNI Token’s price surges by 3.34%

Uniswap is a decentralised platform where users can swap cryptocurrencies, earn rewards and build dApps. It also has a native token UNI that can be used for all transactional purposes like staking and paying fees. 

The platform offers a host of tools for developers to build Ethereum-compatible dApps. Developers can look forward to protocol documentation, guides, and Javascript software development kits to help them out while building dApps.

Recently, during the 24-hour period ending on September 7, Uniswap’s value surged by 3.34%. The rise in its price was in contrast to the dip in its value over the past week. On September 8, Uniswap’s UNI Token was trading at $44.92.

While Cardano and Uniswap are among the leading cryptocurrencies of the world, if you are eyeing 100x returns on your investments, then Big Eyes is where you should be focussing on. What sets the meme coin apart is its niche features that are likely to revolutionise the DeFi ecosystem with their far-reaching impact. Moreover, with a talented team behind it and an extensive strategy ready for the future, Big Eyes is set to make a splash in the crypto market.

Learn more about the Big Eyes Token:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/