What are the cryptocurrencies with the most hype on the coin market – Avalanche, Stellar and Big Eyes?

The cryptocurrency market is known for its constantly evolving nature. You see, new cryptocurrencies are released every day on the coin market. However, not all of these coins receive the same amount of hype. While some currencies are touted on news outlets and social media pages for their innovative nature and resourcefulness, others are rarely discussed. The truth is that most crypto traders are interested in the most hyped coins because they offer them the highest choice of success. This piece will reveal the cryptocurrencies with the most hype on the coin market – Avalanche, Stellar and Big Eyes.


Avalanche (AVAX) the Ethereum killer

Anytime a new Ethereum-killer is introduced to the market, crypto traders, analysts, and enthusiasts cannot help but rave on and on about the new possibilities we may witness in cryptocurrency. Avalanche is one of the cryptocurrencies that can safely be classified as an Ethereum-killer. This project focused on efficiency and increased transaction speed. As an Ethereum Killer, Avalanche can use smart contracts to support blockchain-based projects. AVAX is the token symbol used to represent Avalanche. Users can buy and sell Avalanche on the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the coin market.

One of the most interesting things to note about Avalanche is that the blockchain can achieve near-instant transaction finality. Aside from being a value store, AVAX is also used to pay transaction fees. A transaction model determines the rate of the fees paid on Avalanche. It also serves as a unit of transactions that occur on this blockchain. Early reports have suggested that Avalanche can process as many as 4,500 transactions per second. Now, this is a huge difference from Ethereum’s blockchain, which can only handle 15 transactions per second.

What’s more? Avalanche is an open-source project. As a result, developers can copy Avalanche’s code and use it to develop other projects.

Stellar (XLM) the unique solution

Stellar is a relatively new cryptocurrency on the coin market, and it’s safe to say that it deserves all the hype it has been getting. Why? Because Stellar is capable of providing a unique solution that others in the crypto space have been unable to achieve. Produced by the Stellar Development Foundation, Stellar is a payment network based on the blockchain. Unlike traditional payment methods where users rely on third-party intermediaries to confirm and process transactions, Stellar can do it seamlessly. You see, Stellar functions as a distributed ledger that can effectively connect banks, payment systems, and the transfer of assets at a low cost.

While many people were thrilled with Stellar’s ability to process transactions quickly and at a low cost, it was another utility that completely won over crypto users and traders. Stellar is a decentralised protocol, but it also can transfer real-world assets. All you have to do is ensure that you have their digital representation. This means you can send the US Dollar with Stellar and UK Pounds.

Big Eyes (BIG) the new Meme

Don’t be deceived by the name of this cryptocurrency, it has plenty of interesting benefits to offer users, traders, and developers. To start with, Big Eyes will be more than just a regular meme coin. Big Eyes plans to offer crypto users a meme coin that can also serve as an efficient store of value. What’s more? Big Eyes will play a key part in future NFT collections. Many crypto users have never been able to picture NFT collections based on a meme coin.

Also, Big Eyes will adopt a community-driven approach that will ensure that power is kept in the hands of community members. This way, everyone can rest assured that a malicious whale will not cheat them.


Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

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