TRON Founder Justin Sun Speaks at UDC: TRON Ecosystem Leads the Way to Web 3.0 with Its User Base Expectedly Growing to Compete with Ethereum Next Year

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Media OutReach – 23 September 2022 – On the morning of September 23, TRON founder Justin Sun attended Upbit Developer Conference (UDC) in South Korea and delivered a keynote speech titled “TRON Leads the Way to Web 3.0” via video link. As Sun suggested, Web 3.0 makes us closer to a decentralized future. The TRON ecosystem is striving in multiple fields such as marketing, technology, and asset liquidity to democratize finance and foster a better environment for art, games, media, etc. in Web 3.0.

Sun first stressed that Web 3.0 is full of promise. He believes that Web 3.0 can make a difference to the industry’s transparency, decentralization, scalability as well as supporting charity. Although Web 3.0 still needs to overcome obstacles including government regulation and the lack of public consensus, he holds firm that the future belongs to digitalization. The scale of virtual assets has expanded exponentially over the past decade, and such rapid growth will not slow down in the future. He then introduced TRON’s proactive efforts and business innovations in the rapidly-growing Web 3.0 field. TRON has been innovating in digitizing artworks, funding artists and art contests, and hosting TRON Hackathons, all dedicated to supporting the blockchain industry.

Sun also said that TRON has been witnessing 50 million accounts added every year, and based on that growth rate, it is expected that TRON will have a user base equal to that of Ethereum next year. Regarding the much-anticipated USDD, he emphasized that it is the world’s first over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin.

Hosted by Dunamu Inc., a well-known Korean fin-tech company, the UDC is reportedly the first Korean blockchain conference focusing on developers. First held in 2018, the UDC welcomed its fifth occurrence at BPEX on September 22-23, 2022. Themed on Imagine Your Blockchain Life, this year’s UDC invited dozens of leading figures in the blockchain industry to discuss NFT, metaverse, DeFi, Web3.0, and other trends in the blockchain industry. As the founder of TRON, one of the world’s top three public chains, Justin Sun has been invited to attend the conference.

A sound ecosystem incorporating an underlying protocol, smart contracts, and an NFT and metadata storage system has been built on TRON’s MainNet, one of the largest blockchain-based operating protocols for decentralized applications. As part of TRON’s globalization efforts, Justin Sun’s attendance at UDC has attracted much attention and heated discussions. Many are wondering whether this is a hint of TRON’s expansion into the South Korean market.

Report says that TRON has been keenly following the development of the blockchain industry in South Korea in recent years. In 2020, TRON partnered with Samsung to integrate with the Samsung blockchain keystore, and enabling built-in blockchain wallets on Samsung mobile phones to support TRX, TRON’s native token; TRON participated in the NFT BUSAN 2021 conference, which was jointly hosted by the Busan Metropolitan Government and the Busan Blockchain Industry Association. Budlers NFT tokens, featuring a cartoon seagull, the Metropolitan’s mascot, were issued at the conference; TRON also donated $200,000 to the Busan Blockchain Industry Association to help build and expand the global blockchain ecosystem.

APENFT Foundation, which Justin Sun feels optimistic about, has also been invited to the conference. Yuliana Bravo, APENFT’s Director for Global Business Relations, gave a speech titled “The Future of Decentralization of NFT: APENFT, TRON, and BitTorrent”. According to Yuliana Bravo, as an NFT platform based on TRON, the APENFT Marketplace is dedicated to turning the world’s top artworks into NFTs on the blockchain. And it will take various measures to lead and promote crypto art in the era of Web 3.0.

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