Statemind Audits Leading Ethereum Staking Solution Lido

DUBAI, UAE, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Statemind, a newly launched blockchain security auditing firm, has revealed the results of an in-depth audit of the leading liquid staking solution, Lido’s MEV-boost relay allowlist.

Statemind Audits Lido Ahead Of Ethereum Merge

Statemind has released a report detailing its latest audit of the Lido. Lido has been a popular project among the crypto industry due to its close proximity to the Ethereum Merge, potentially making it a high-profile target. Lido allows token holders to use staked ETH as collateral to trade, earn rewards, and more without locking up ETH for years at a time.

The nine-page report outlines the MEV-Boost relay allowlist project and its results. The on-chain relay allowlist is planned to be used by Node Operators participating in the Lido protocol after the ETH Merge to extract MEV, according to Lido policies.

Node Operators would utilize the contract to maintain up-to-date software configuration.

Statemind Audit Report Reveals No Critical Lido Bugs Or Vulnerabilities

In total, zero critical, high, or medium-priority vulnerabilities were discovered. Seven informational bugs were reported to the Lido team involving minor, easily fixable vulnerabilities that pose no substantial threat.

The security auditing report on Lido is the first major public audit released by Statemind since its debut this month. Statemind made its first major public appearance after stepping forward as the white hat hacker who saved $350M in funds across the Avalanche protocol.

Additional Statemind clients include 1INCH and Yearn.Finance.

About Statemind

Statemind has more than 100,000 LoC worth of Solidity and Vyper experience. Combined, the blockchain security auditing firm has secured over $10B in TVL. 

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