Solana, Runfy And TRON Are Three Coins That Could Make Your Portfolio Surge

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Run With Runfy (RUNF)

Runfy (RUNF)  evolves into a way of life for its users, transcending its status as just another cryptocurrency aiming to make profits. People now have the power, access to resources, and knowledge necessary to manage their health and fitness thanks to the community-driven Runfy Token platform. 

Runfy aims to enhance the crypto ecosystem by integrating exercise and health into it with cutting-edge technology. The native token RUNF fuels the entire Runfy ecosystem. The Binance Smart Chain offers low transaction costs and allows users to earn cryptocurrencies while preserving their physical and mental well-being. Each participant’s progress is monitored using the Runfy programme or app. 

Soon after the project is launched, staking and farming for it will start. You can gain a 20% bonus if you purchase the token using BNB. View the most recent information on the Runfy website and social media channels.

How will Solana’s (SOL) Update Improve its Platform?

A new swap margin trading product has been introduced by Jet Protocol, a platform for borrowing and lending on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, using Orca, an automated market maker (AMM) that, like Uniswap, enables liquidity providers (LPs) to arrange trades.

Users of the protocol can perform trades with just one click thanks to its new “Leveraged Swaps” offering, which makes the process of leveraged swaps, which frequently involves a number of intricate operations, simpler.

Leveraging existing assets as a safety net, consumers can borrow money against their present position from an LP via leveraged swaps in DeFi to facilitate trade. While collateralised assets reduce risk on the LP’s side, customers can use their borrowed assets to invest in other assets and profit from both positions.

Jet’s new product users can trade within compatible Solana Program Library (SPL) token pools to carry out swaps while using USDC, SOL, BTC, and ETH as collateral. Will Barnes, CEO and co-founder of Jet Protocol told Blockworks that this new product would hopefully reduce the complexity of crypto.

What’s New With TRON (TRX)?

Wintermute will support competitive spreads in all market circumstances and provide liquidity across exchanges for TRONDAO’s native token, “TRX.” Additionally, it will serve as a strategic partner for the entire TRON ecosystem, providing information on market trends to support the development of a long-term liquidity model.

While being a relatively recent entrance, Wintermute has developed into one of the top market maker companies for all things OTC, enabling institutions and individuals to trade cryptocurrencies of any size at the most advantageous rates. TRON users can perform trades using the best prices obtained from more than 60 liquidity pools by connecting directly to Wintermute. Users are shielded from the influence of crypto whales or market takers on asset values, resulting in a more decentralised economy and higher levels of user autonomy.

With a $33.1 billion market cap, TRON has the most USD Tether (USDT) stablecoin in circulation. After establishing a community-run DAO, the Tron Network was entirely decentralised in December 2021. The DAO recently introduced the USDD stablecoin, which is now an “overcollateralized stablecoin,” officially ushering TRON into the decentralised stablecoin space.

A strategic alliance with Wintermute might help TRONDAO grow its user base by offering smooth liquidity and solidifying its position as a global leader in the De-Fi and DApp ecosystem.

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