Just like Tron and Ripple, Big Eyes Coin Aims to Break Records In Crypto Space

The world is not likely to soon forget the success story of cryptocurrencies. Financial analysts are now raving nonstop about its potential to open up new revenue streams after it was once thought to be too unstable for investment. But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was the current Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem.

These digital assets, which are supported by blockchain technology, gained popularity as more investors learned about the benefits they provided, such as the removal of third-party institutions and data privacy.

Over the past several years, blockchain technology has given many opportunities, with cryptocurrencies becoming more popular by the second. Additionally, it has aided in the development of numerous decentralised, safe, and open marketplaces in the digital economy.

This technology has been well complemented by the smart contract feature made popular by Ethereum (ETH), which offers significantly more confidence due to the fact that all transactions are immutably recorded on the blockchain. Decentralised apps (DApps) built on blockchains like Ethereum are upending established industries like retail banking.

Become A Token Holder Now Before It’s Too Late: Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a cute cat-themed cryptocurrency, is currently a very popular meme currency. Its marketing approach contains a goal statement that calls for significant contributions to the DeFi ecosystem as well as aims to build a green, organic community.

By creating a unique mascot, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) hopes to participate in what it perceives as a “billion-dollar market.” The project team is fully aware of the importance of concrete evidence in ensuring the project receives a favourable response rate.

The goal of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is to create a community-driven currency that will re-distribute wealth within the decentralised financial ecosystem. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) plans to provide 5% of its earnings to a charitable company in order to protect a crucial component of the environment on a global scale. The projects are aimed at protecting ocean habitats and sea species will be supported by these grants. Owning this token isn’t only about making money; it’s also a selfless, charitable action to protect the environment, which is crucial, especially in light of the pressing issue of climate change.

The end of taxes – that is noteworthy! With its adaptable taxation system, Big Eyes Coin provides its customers with one of its most significant benefits. The functionality will undoubtedly draw in additional market participants as the platform gains greater traction. The taxation system will start a number of automated alterations, including the marketing wallet, the auto burn, and the acquisition of the liquidity pool. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) intends to create a setting that is driven by its user base and actively invites participation in its daily operations.

If users buy and use BIG Tokens, they can have a significant impact on the platform’s growth and help define its future direction. Additionally, there is no tax imposed on exchanges or transactions made using the BIG token.

You can quickly purchase the BIG Token online using a debit or credit card if you’re interested. Users can also pay for it using USDT or ETH tokens from Tether or Ethereum, respectively.

To get started, make sure a MetaMask wallet is installed on your browser or that you are using one of the wallets that Wallet Connect supports. You must then click “link wallet,” choose a payment method and complete the payment. Users will be able to claim the BIG Tokens on the claims website when the public presale closes.

How Is Tron (TRX) One Of The Most Reliable Cryptocurrencies?

Tron (TRX), which is already very well-known and well-capitalized, has survived the initial skepticism that surrounds any new cryptocurrency and now trades as a reliable, low-beta alternative. Tron already has a substantial position in most crypto portfolios due to its strong technical profile, but its underlying technology and long-term strategic ambition make it one of the top choices for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

With its purchase of BitTorrent in 2018, Tron made a big splash. This purchase complemented Tron’s goals of becoming a peer-to-peer hub for content producers and consumers. Behind the scenes, its efforts have improved the platform’s throughput and speed, allowing it to host a strong and expanding selection of dApps. The Tron and BitTorrent communities recently came together to celebrate the greater Together Challenge, which many believe will benefit investors for years to come.

According to a report released by the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI), the Tron network is one of the most ecologically friendly blockchains due to its low power consumption with the goal of the research organisation to reduce carbon emissions from cryptocurrency initiatives.

The paper claimed that compared to other consensus methods like Bitcoin’s (BTC) proof-of-work (PoW), Tron’s delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus process helped it have a lower carbon footprint. The foundation of DPoS is made up of users that stake their native TRX tokens to nodes, which validate transactions and support the network.

The Tron Foundation, which creates and supports products for the Tron blockchain, paid for the study. An issue raised by numerous crypto doubters is that CCRI tracks over 20 networks and produces data on their sustainability and total ecological damage.

What’s Caused Ripple’s (XRP) Spike?

In spite of the apparent persistence of the bear market, Ripple (XRP) is quietly making positive gains. The digital asset has been having issues, just like Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto coins. Despite this, it hasn’t slowed Ripple’s expansion or the community’s upbeat attitude. Recent whale trades for XRP were among their largest in a while, making the mood currently very positive.

452 transactions involving the asset valued at $100k or more were registered by XRP. A chart with statistics on the number of XRP whale transactions was just made available by the behaviour analytics platform Santiment. The data showed that this week, at the time of writing, saw XRP record a 3-month high in whale transactions ($100k or more in XRP). In 8 hours, the cryptocurrency asset saw 452 trades totalling at least $100,000. The amount represented the most whale transactions since May.

The chart also provided information on Ripple’s Weighted Sentiment, which had maintained a positive appearance. The Weighted Sentiment for XRP reached a height not seen in more than three months with a value of about 2.1. Despite the asset holding its own at over $0.3, Weighted Sentiment had continued to be poor in mid-August.

The XRP community has maintained its optimism despite suffering along with the rest of the markets. Additionally, the Network Value to Transaction Ratio for Ripple has favourable values.

Crypto FOMO is real with many people frequently rushing while selecting a cryptocurrency. In the long run, rash actions could be expensive. The best course of action is to investigate cryptocurrencies you are looking to become token holders in that appeal to you.

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