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Cryptocurrency proves to be one of the top profitable industries. The journey started with Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009, but there are about 12,000 cryptocurrencies currently in the marketplace. Creating or launching crypto has never been a problem. However, trading the right ones is the challenge most traders face every day. According to analysis, cryptocurrency with real-world utilities is the best to buy. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies are usually dicy and might not be predicted with accuracy.

Crypto enthusiasts seem to be likely concerned with cryptos that entice them with creativity and entertainment. Digital currencies that mixed fun and income. 

Through the concept of NFTs, creativity has been ignited like never before, the gaming industry is getting back on track and the internet is becoming more engaging. 

The idea of Play-to-Earn is not left behind as players are enthralled with cryptos that offer the option. Moshnake (MSH) is one of none that offers such a spectacular Play-to-Earn NFT game, tweaked with the old-fashioned snake game we knew on an old Nokia phone.

Is Moshnake (MSH) Crypto Worth the Time?

Do you remember the Nokia Snake game back in the early stages of Nokia phones? Of course, you do. That one game that the snake keeps increasing as you eat up the items displayed.

The game is back again. This time with a tweak of the Play-to-Earn concept built on the Moshnake (MSH) cryptocurrency.

Moshnake (MSH) is a new Play-to-Earn NFT game cryptocurrency that is created to run on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Moshnake uses the BEP-20 to power its two known currencies, $MSH and $VEN. The $MSH is the governance currency that is used to vote in the DAO of Moshnake.

 The voting strength is dependent upon the staked volume and the amount of MSH tokens in circulation.

The $VEN on the other hand offers different functions in the sense that it is an in-game currency. It is used, amongst other uses as a permission fee into the Moshnake play interface.

Moshnake has been built to be a stopper spot for gamers who want to enjoy the feeling of playing their favorite game while earning. It is also a stepping stone for buyers of cryptocurrencies who want to make a fortune.

Can Sandbox (SAND) Become a Better Investment?

Sandbox is a decentralized virtual platform that supports the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As an online gaming platform, Sandbox ( SAND) allows fans to create, buy and sell NFTs as games. Similar to Moshnake, Sandbox uses the Play-to-Earn model to encourage tons of players into its platform 

Through the power of blockchain technology, Sandbox uses SAND as its utility token within the ecosystem. SAND tokens can be traded with other cryptocurrencies in the market as the coins offer valuable utilities.

Due to the market decline, Solana’s (SOL) price is at a low level right now. However, as it seeks to unseat Ethereum (ETH), many cryptocurrency lovers anticipate it to skyrocket in value soon.

Is Shiba Inu (SHIB) Still the Dogecoin Keller?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is second to Dogecoin, the top meme coin in the crypto market with the biggest market cap.

Shiba Inu is a community-based coin that uses the special dog image as its logo to fascinate crypto lovers in the crypto space. Unlike Dogecoin, the Shiba Inu meme token is built on Ethereum’s blockchain and uses SHIB as its utility token for all transactions.

Shiba Inu operates on its exchange platform, ShibaSwap, which allows community members to trade, sell, swap, and hold SHIB tokens. SHIB token, however, is listed on other exchanges like Coinbase. The listing of SHIB on Coinbase gave it a rise of 40%, causing it to be more popular in the market. Shiba Inu is more likely to succeed than the DOGE in terms of absolute gains.





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