Drive Bitcoin Right Through South Carolina – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Dennis Fassuliotis, founder of South Carolina Blockchain Inc. and co-founder of South Carolina Emerging Technology Association, Inc.

Why, you may ask? For starters South Carolina is on the verge of a financial revolution so to speak in terms of building a confluence of support for emerging blockchain technologies that can transform our state.

That’s important because although the industry was recognized in 2020 by Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) with a state Senate resolution, the pandemic forced the nascent state advocacy group to postpone its first major statewide conference. However, now armed with a four year history of Wyoming style legislation, S.C. Senate Resolution 1158, and funding from the General Assembly for the State Treasurer’s Office to assess the role of digital currency literacy and emerging technologies for the benefit of the state, we have a clear direction and high-speed rail heading into the station via the member driven South Carolina Emerging Tech Association (SCETA). The SCETA Bitcoin-centric education and policy initiative is planned for the first week of October, and State Treasurer Curtis Loftis will be one of several noteworthy speakers to share their visions about how digital currency education, Bitcoin policy guidance and economic investments in Bitcoin can positively impact the Palmetto State.