Doge Founder Slams Dogecoin Tip Jar Proposal, Clarifies Tip Jar Was Not Created For Core Development

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Billy Markus believes that resolving the tip jar debate does not help the community but only settles a dispute between four people.

In a Twitter thread on Wednesday, host of the Real Shibes podcast Jimmie made a 3 part proposal to resolve the current debates over how the Dogecoin tip jar should be allocated. According to Jimmie, as things stand, the funds believed to be for core developer payments will run dry in a year.

Jimmie proposes that 5 million DOGE sold in Q4 2021 to settle Dogecoin foundation bills be restored to the tip jar. Secondly, the idea that the tip jar is only for core development be revived. Then finally, he says two separate tip jars should be created for core development and the foundation.


Billy Markus Responds:

However, in response, Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus has slammed the idea as “unsustainable,” he says it does not help the community but only settles a dispute between four people. Additionally, Markus asserts that community tips can not sustain paid development.

“this proposal is simply for optics, and is unsustainable (does not help dogecoin succeed, just helps fix an argument between 4 people),” tweeted Markus. “if paid development is going to succeed, not enough will come from community tips. not even close.”

The programmer clarified that the tip jar was never created to fund core development. According to Markus, these were just tips given to 4 core developers to use as they see fit. Markus believes that allocating the tip jar should be up to these people.


Markus asserts that the real problem is how to sustain development on the Dogecoin network. According to the co-creator, if the community plans to incentivize development, tips will be insufficient, and it is only by chance that these tips are worth something today.

The developer notes that the funding has to come from somewhere, highlighting the community’s opposition to financing from individuals or organizations with interests. Additionally, Markus cautions that financial incentives tend to corrupt open source projects.

It bears mentioning that the allocation of funds in the tip jar has been a significant talking point over the years. In August, core Dogecoin developer Patrick Lodder revealed plans to allocate 10% of the tip jar to reward core contributors.

About 2 weeks ago, sharing a similar sentiment that the core team should resolve the allocation, Markus said the “dissenter” should be given his share.

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