Cardano Founder Shares Update on Ethiopia Initiative

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  • Nearly 24 public schools were selected to take part
  • IOG also took part in an investment round of $11 million

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has provided an update on the initiative it launched last year in Ethiopia. In order to develop a national attainment recording system, Cardano builder IOG entered into a partnership with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education in 2021.

The Ethiopian federal education authorities have begun implementing digital identity (ID) for students and teachers as part of the nationwide blockchain-based program, according to the article that was shared by the creator of Cardano.

Officials hope to see half a million IDs issued by 2023

Zelalem Assefa, the director of ICT and digital education at the Ministry, claims that data entry will begin next month. A selection of nearly two dozen public schools has been made to participate.

The partnership with IOG to provide digital ID cards to five million students and 750,000 teachers working in 3,680 schools was confirmed by Ethiopia’s Education Minister last year.

The project’s anticipated launch date was this year, and IOG later acknowledged that it was working on the code.

A registry system that will be used to verify grades and remotely monitor academic performance will be attached to the IDs, which would be introduced at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels.

By the end of the year, officials hope to issue half a million identification cards.A national digital ID program is included in this initiative, with the goal of providing digital IDs to 10 million citizens this year. There have been less than 100,000 IDs registered thus far.

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Cardano’s focus on Africa 

In addition to the Ethiopian project, IOG and World Mobile worked together in Tanzania to use blockchain to connect the unconnected and provide access to essential online services.

These projects, according to IOG’s African Operations Director John O’Connor, serve as the starting point for Cardano’s endeavor to construct RealFi: real finance that targets people who need new ways to get money, creating the real value that DeFi often lacks.

In addition, IOG participated in a $11 million investment round to support Pezesha, a fintech company based in Kenya. Additionally, the Cardano founder mentioned that he had his sights set on Papua New Guinea while working there.

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