CalltoCombat set to launch the first MMORPG on the Binance smart chain network 

According to a recent press release, CalltoCombat, a P2E-based, NFT role-playing shooter game, has launched on Binance Smart Chain [BSC].

As the pioneer MMORPG on the network, CalltoCombat integrates unique combats peculiar to real-world battles, strategies, and addictive gameplay that leaves gamers asking for more.

The gameplay is straightforward yet enthralling. Players must rescue abducted individuals and kill their enemies. It starts like a traditional first-person shooter game but quickly moves to something you’ve probably never seen before.

You begin the game as a lieutenant with just a handgun, not more than ten grenades, and a concise level objective. Once a mission is completed successfully, you quickly move to the other ranks—Captain, Major, Colonel, and finally General.

Each character in the CalltoCombat gaming metaverse possesses specific skills unique to them. And as you climb the virtual military ladder, your skill sets are further enhanced to guarantee you a better shot at completing level objectives. CalltoCombat combines DeFi, blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse to deliver a competitive, immersive yet rewarding game.

“The metaverse keeps redefining itself, and with millions of users venturing in daily, it is without a doubt that it will become the landmark of the future,” co-founder of CalltoCombat, Mark Boyd, states as he discusses the potential of the metaverse in the P2E and MMORPG markets.

Features of the CalltoCombat BSC-based MMORPG

Besides integrating unique characters, battlefields, and weapons, CalltoCombat provides a viable opportunity for gamers and investors to earn revenue through essential features like NFTs, P2E, and hold-to-earn.

NFT Role-playing

CalltoCombat combines NFTs to deliver tradable in-game assets for players. Leveraging the emerging NFT technology, CalltoCombat allows gamers to earn rewards for assembling strong teams to defeat opponents in various PvP and PvE-styled games.

CalltoCombat also introduces a breeding system that will enable players to choose further from several characters. It doesn’t end there; an NFT marketplace is underway. Players can lease, buy, and auction in-game NFTs. Investors can also purchase NFTs either from Publishers or other holders.

Play-to-earn and Hold-to-earn

CalltoCombat is committed to offering a viable, sustainable, and equally rewarding gaming metaverse for all classes of people. Players can earn tokens by engaging in competitive battles and completing missions. The higher a gamer’s rank on the ladder board, the more reward they get.

The CalltoCombat token, $COMBAT, is beyond an in-game currency; it is a cryptocurrency anyone can buy on an exchange. CalltoCombat will hold an initial DEX offering [IDO] on November 5th, 2022, thus offering potential investors an opportunity to become stakeholders of the revolutionary, first MMORPG on the BSC network.

CalltoCombat also introduces the hold-to-earn model, where $COMBAT owners receive APRs for holding their assets for a specific period. Divergent from other P2E-based gaming platforms, CalltoCombat is free-to-play. The team seeks to provide gamers with some of the most compelling games for their enjoyment, hence its FTP stance.

Finally, CalltoCombat combines NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain technology. It aims to introduce an innovative approach to gaming and earning for gamers and investors—an unprecedented feat in not only the BSC network but also the crypto gaming space.