Buy Uniglo (GLO), Stepn (GMT) And Binance Coin (BNB) To Be Part Of The Next Crypto-Millionaire Wave

As the crypto market prepares to mint a new generation of crypto millionaires in the next bull run, it would be wise to keep in mind that the adoption of blockchain technology is rising exponentially. While niche markets like liquidity pooling are limited in growth possibilities, it’s the platforms that have the potential for mass adoption that will birth the most whales. 

Here are a few ideas for you to start your research. 

Binance Coin (BNB)
The reason Binance has the potential for mass adoption is that it’s a for-profit corporation and the largest centralized crypto exchange by volume. Binance Smart Chain is also the 3rd-ranked blockchain by market cap after Bitcoin and Ethereum, neither of which are seeking to turn a profit. Never underestimate the power of the drive for profits. Think of Binance as the Amazon of crypto investing. What started out as a simple crypto exchange now offers a wide array of investment products. It would take a major disaster on the part of Binance to not be a big winner as blockchain tech, DeFi, DAOs, and Web3 begin to see mainstream adoption.

Stepn (GMT) 
Stepn is what’s known as a move-to-earn crypto project. Essentially, fitness-minded folks can earn crypto just by doing what they do every day or so. That is walking or running. The booty can be traded for other cryptocurrencies, used to pay for products and services, or hodled for potential long-term appreciation. Here’s the thing: Fitness products and services make up a mind-boggling $4 trillion dollar industry. The choice between getting paid to exercise and not getting paid to exercise is a no-brainer. And Stepn can pull a massive array of products and services into their ecosystem. The market is out there as is the potential for mass adoption.

Uniglo (GLO) 
There are all kinds of applications available to those who wish to make long-term investments in the stock market. However, not one of them is anonymous. In order to open an account with Robinhood or PayPal or any other broker, you’re required to pony up your identity and connect a bank account. However, as more and more investors figure out that blockchain tech allows them to invest in just about anything — not just crypto — and to do so anonymously, the demand for DeFi applications will explode. 

One platform to get an eye on is Uniglo (GLO). This investment DAO is on a mission to pull together the world’s largest and most diverse portfolio of long-term investments. Anything that can be tokenized is fair game. That includes crypto and investment-grade NFTs, stock-pegged tokens, and tokenized assets like gold, real estate, fine art, rare collectibles, and so on. 

The fact that Uniglo makes long-term diversified investing so darned easy — just buy and hold GLO — gives this platform a sure shot at being the first investment DAO to see mass adoption.

Uniglo is currently hosting an initial coin offering (ICO) to fund the treasury. The platform launches and GLO goes onto exchanges in mid-October. Between now and then you can get your GLO on at a discounted price. The tokenomics of GLO greatly favor ICO investors. Aftermarket buyers will be required to ante up 10% of their purchase. Half of that goes into the treasury and 2% gets burned. That means that the treasury is always growing and the circulating supply is always falling. Get the picture? A small investment in the GLO ICO today could turn into a very nice stash of cash in a decade or two. 

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