BudBlockz & Polkadot Lead As The Top Picks for Beginners

Just 10 years ago, the cryptocurrency sphere was dominated by just three tokens of any significance.  Bitcoin (BTC) was the first broadly viable cryptocurrency, and Litecoin (LTC) and Peercoin (PPC) offered greater efficiency and proof-of-stake distribution, respectively. 

Today, thousands of cryptocurrencies vie for the attention of newcomers to the field. Is Bitcoin still the best way to get started? Or do brand-new tokens like BudBlockz (BLUNT) give new investors their best chance of building their portfolios? No single cryptocurrency is right for all first-time investors, but these five each have distinct advantages that make them solid choices for people just getting started.

BudBlockz (BLUNT) — This is our pick for beginners looking for long-term value. BudBlockz isn’t a household name (neither was Bitcoin back in 2009), but value plays mean grabbing opportunities before everyone else does. BudBlockz is gearing up for its presale, making it remarkably affordable. Its mature, prudent roadmap focuses on the cannabis industry, and we expect BudBlockz to soar along with the retail cannabis market.

The Budblockz presale began on 12th September 2022 with the tokens priced at $0.021 each, after successfully selling out their private sale 10 days ahead of schedule. What’s more impressive is that by the time it entered the presale, early investors were already 40% in profit as the price jumped from $0.015 per token.

With the token for sale at $0.0211, buying it today would mean that you have the best possible chance of increasing your investment and getting all the growth that takes place in a token presale. It is expected the token could be 10x by launch, not including any earnings made from referral bonuses.

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Ethereum (ETH) — Ethereum is the second most prominent cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin as measured by market cap, and it fills a distinct role in the broader crypto sphere. Rather than seeking to replace fiat currencies as a medium of exchange, Ethereum is geared toward facilitating transactions in the digital realm, making it a key player in the explosive development of decentralized applications or dApps.

Solana (SOL) — Much in the same way that Litecoin sought to provide a more efficient alternative to Bitcoin, Solana was conceived as a way to deliver on Ethereum’s promise, but with faster transaction speeds and lower overhead (including lower fees for users). Its streamlined architecture has made Solana a popular platform for dApps, and new investors might find more growth potential in SOL than in IBAT. 

Polkadot (DOT) — When Ethereum carved out a new space in the cybercurrency universe, it also invited direct competition. “Ethereum killers” have come and gone over the years, and Polkadot has a stronger claim than most to a promise of long-term sustainability. Its unique value proposition rests on its ability to connect unique blockchains, which makes it a compelling platform for building highly responsive, flexible, and scalable dApps.

Bitcoin (BTC) — Even if you’d never heard of the other tokens on this list, you’d already heard about Bitcoin. BTC created cryptocurrency as we know it, and it remains the most widely held token in the world. Newcomers looking for relative safety and stability should take a look at the token with the longest track record and by far the largest market capitalization among cryptocurrencies.

Prospective cryptocurrency investors can find it difficult to sift through the ever-expanding range of options available to them. The tokens listed here represent a healthy mix of old standbys and highly promising innovators. Mix and match to your liking, and your portfolio should be off to a solid start.

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