Articles by Dustin Watchman – Bitcoin Magazine

Dustin Watchman comes from a colorful background. Having worked for

years in film and television on hit shows such as the LOST TV series,

Battleship the movie, and Hawaii 5-0, amongst others, he then left it all

behind. After 14 years in beautiful Hawaii, he packed his bags and chose

to explore the world through teaching. Having lived in 8 countries and

traveled to over 35, he has seen firsthand how bitcoin can impact the world

for the better. He has now transitioned to become a full time bitcoin

educator. Starting out with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and

later followed by a master’s degree in education, his educational

background positioned him to be a bitcoin community educator and bitcoin

author that he has become today. Hearing about bitcoin in 2014, and

unfortunately waiting to jump  into it until 2017, he is now able to invest his

time and energy in educating others about bitcoin through his ebooks and

community outreach programs. 

The crossover from his previous 13 years of international teaching into consulting with businesses and locals on how to get started with accepting bitcoin was seamless. He quickly identifies issues in bitcoin adoption and writes ebooks addressing specific niche groups that can benefit from using bitcoin. The family unit, small communities, and small businesses are the main topics of his first three ebooks. He plans on continuing to start community programs beyond Siargao, Philippines, where he is currently building up Cloud21Siargao, a bitcoin educational group in the beautiful Siargao island inspired by El Zonte, as well as the many other small bitcoin communities.