Crypto Sleeping Giants: Telcoin price

  • Telcoin price has optimistic macrot technicals suggesting a $3,000 percent rally could occur.
  • Telcoin remains in a downtrend under relatively low volume.
  • Invalidation of the uptrend scenario is a break below $0.00012800.

Telcoin price is this first choice for potential movers in a crypto bullmarket. The digital asset has a very optimistic macro outlook.

Telcoin price is sleeping giant #1

Telecoin price has the potential to shock the world. The technicals suggest a rally towards all-time highs at $0.05 is still possible. A Fibonacci Retracement tool surrounding the most significant rally from November 2020 through May 2021 suggests the current price at $0.0015 is merely a 61.8% correction in market value. Additionally, the volume profile indicator shows low volume amidst the sell-off.  

Telecoin could be a superb digital asset to the dollar cost average approach. From a fundamental perspective, the mobile network collaborator has more than 5.2 billion subscribers globally. More of their mission can be found at their home base

TEL/USDT 1 Week Chart

From a technical perspective, Telcoin price should be on every trader’s watchlist in the coming weeks. A fifth wave rally towards the all-time highs at $0.05 is very posisble. A move towards the intended $0.05 target would yield a 3,000 percent increase in profit from today’s market value. Invalidation must remain at $0.000128000 until further technicals unfold

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