A Closer Look at BSCJUNGLE – The New Yield Farming DApp on Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain is one of the most promising eco-systems for those looking to make a profit in the crypto world. The network supports smart contracts and DApp deployment. Investing in DApps through yield farming is one of the most profitable ways to participate in the DeFi ecosystem.

BSCJUNGLE – Creating Yield Farming Opportunities

BSCJUNGLE is a platform designed to allow anyone from any part of the world to earn money when he or she deposits funds. It was built as a DApp for the DeFi industry, which offers investors high returns when they deposit BUSD. For those who love holding their crypto, this app is a great way to make money using idle funds. The result is a stable, reliable income source with returns of as high as 230%.


Secure DApp

Security is the topmost priority for the designers of BSCJUNGLE. The app is built on top of the Binance mart Chain, which is a blockchain network optimized for security. People can invest in the DApp knowing that their BUSD is secured using smart contract protocols.

All transactions are secured using smart contracts, which means there are no third parties overseeing the transactions. Additionally, every transaction is recorded on the Binance smart chain, making it impossible to engage in underhanded practices.

Both Ethos and George Stamp development teams audited the Dapp, and no vulnerabilities were found. According to the reports, the BSCJUNGLE smart contract adhered to all security measures known to reduce risk in known EVM/Solidity smart contract attack vectors.



Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

BsCJungle is a DApp built for the masses. This is reflected in the low deposit limits set for users of the platform. It offers deposits with a minimum limit of just 5 BUSD. For those new to yield farming, BSCJungle is a great way to grow your experience in this profitable segment of the crypto world without risking too much.


All deposited funds come with a minimum lock-up period of 40 days. During the 40 days, the daily ROI is set at 3.50%, which is 140%. They can also decide to deposit funds for up to 70 days and earn the maximum interest payout of 230%.

The longer depositors lock up their funds, the bigger the rewards they will get. The platform does not have an upper limit on how much users can deposit. Upon depositing the initial 5 BUSD, investors can deposit as much as they wish to enjoy the high interest of up to 230%.

Sign Up for the Referral Program

A referral program is an alternative route to growing your profitability on BSCJUNGLE.  The referral program is split into five tiers, with each tier having a different commission and rewards. The highest level offers rewards of 4%, while the lowest tier offers rewards of 0.5%.

To receive a referral link, users need to have invested in the smart contract themselves. With this link, they can spread the word about the lucrative profits possible with BSCJUNGLE. The more friends they can get to sign up for the DApp, the more they will earn. Rewards are sent immediately after one of their friends makes a deposit on the platform.

When is BSCJUNGLE Launching?

BSCJUNGLE is ready to launch. All the audits have been completed, and the smart contracts audit report is available for anyone to scan. Anyone can sign up to earn huge interests of up to 230% on their deposits. The web page for the platform is ready, and anyone is welcome to participate.

To take part in this project, all that one needs is their metamask wallet. Once connected, participants can deposit funds and begin earning interest.

It will be open to investors on Aug 1 2022 20:00 UTC.



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