Binance.US Announces Plans to Add Support for Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

Binance.US, the subsidiary of the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance, announced recently that it will add support for a new cryptocurrency — DAR. The US-based exchange shared that deposits are already open and that users are welcome to start making them if they wish.

According to Binance’s announcement on its website, users will be able to trade DAR in 2 pairs, one against USD and another against USDT. Supported payment methods include bank transfers, debit cards, and wire transfers. And as mentioned, deposits and withdrawals of DAR tokens are already open.

Initially, deposits started on July 25th at 5 am PDT/ 8 am EDT. Trading started 24 hours later, with the added Buy Crypto functionality. Binance also noted that both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain versions of DAR can be deposited or withdrawn. However, it also warned users that the exchange will not be capable of recovering tokens sent to the wrong addresses, which is why it urges users to check all details of transactions before clicking send.

What is the DAR token

The DAR token that Binance.US is listing is already listed on Binance’s main exchange platform. This is a cryptocurrency of one of the highly popular metaverse games out there known as Mines of Dalarnia.

This is a game that users have been very excited about for a long time, as it is a Minecraft-inspired game where players can mine plots of land for various riches, materials, relics, and other valuable items, which can then be used for improving their gear and creating other items.

The game also features two types of players — LAND owners and LAND miners. As the name suggests, LAND owners are those who own lands, while LAND miners are those who rent LAND from owners and then mine it.

As a metaverse game, Mines of Dalarnia also features the so-called Play To Earn (P2E) model, which allows users to earn actual money by playing the game, in the form of cryptocurrency, of course. Meanwhile, all LAND comes in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), meaning that players will have actual ownership of the land they purchase.

As long as they keep the NFT in their possession, the plot will be theirs to use in any way they wish. Most are expected to rent it to other players, who will pay for gaining access to it.

While anticipated for a long time, Mines of Dalarnia finally released its game on the mainnet on the 26th of April 2022. The release was on schedule, but many were still quite excited about the game coming out, as it managed to capture the entire crypto industry’s interest thanks to interesting gameplay, excellent visuals, and, of course, the ability to earn as they play.

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