Get Completely Empowered Using Cryptos Like Gnox Token (GNOX), Ethereum (ETH), And TRON (TRX)

Cryptocurrencies are seen by many investors as highly speculative and lacking real-world foundations hence the rejection of crypto by the old school value investors of yesterday, notable Warren Buffet. These people reject what they do not understand, and every investor would be wise to study something thoroughly before dismissing it.

Cryptocurrency offers the individual the first alternative financial system. The gravity of that sentence is immense. Crypto can and will empower people all over the globe ushering in a new age of financial freedom.

This article features three crypto projects empowering people over the globe.

Gnox Token (GNOX)

Gnox is a protocol that will level the playing field. DeFi is a nascent economic sphere that evolves with each passing second. However, many are barred from interacting with it meaningfully due to a lack of specialised knowledge and time. Hundreds of new protocols launch each day and no one can keep track of all of them. Gnox offers the solution. Gnox will be the first protocol to introduce yield farming as a service. Just by holding GNOX investors will be exposed to DeFi. Gnox has simplified the process to a single investment and is infinitely scalable for everyone from the retail investor to the institutional investor.

Gnox has designed a treasury that works for the benefit of token holders and will be used to generate yields in DeFi protocols. This generated yield will then be distributed amongst token holders every 30 days in stablecoin. Gnox is the first protocol to make DeFi accessible for all empowering people to invest in the future financial framework.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum the brainchild of Vitalik Butterin launched in July 2015. The importance of this blockchain and the things it has facilitated have irrevocably changed the world and its direction. Ethereum was the first blockchain that had smart contract capability and thus launched the world of DeFi. Ethereum has brought to the entire world an open, permissionless, peer-to-peer, and immutable financial system.

Anyone with an internet connection can access financial services with no identification requirement. The Ethereum network has led to financial inclusivity and empowered people all over the globe. There are 1.7 billion people unbanked globally, and Ethereum has brought to all of them the possibility to access financial services.


Tron is a network that has nearly 100 million unique wallet addresses. Tron has played a significant role in many developing countries through its stablecoin USDD. The Tron network boasts an incredible TPS (transactions per second) of 2,000 and has some of the lowest fees available in crypto. This has made the network a popular choice for those with low incomes that live in countries with high inflation. Families all over the globe are utilising this network to save their incomes. Tron has become a network that empowers people with limited access to traditional financial services.

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