Pacman Frog (PAC), Uniswap (UNI), and FTX (FTT)

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Cryptocurrencies that serve as native tokens of a launchpad or exchange platforms tend to do well as they have an inherent built-in use case. We’ve selected three such exciting cryptocurrency launchpad tokens that can provide potentially huge returns in 2022. These 3 cryptocurrencies are Pacman Frog (PAC), FTX (FTT), and Uniswap (UNI). Let’s find out why these are good bets in 2022. 

Uniswap achieves USD 1.4B weekly volume on Polygon

The Uniswap protocol has achieved a volume of USD 1.4 B on Polygon. The news was shared through the Twitter account of Sandeep Nailwal, the founder of Polygon. The UNI Token is used to power the Ethereum based decentralized exchange that is fast becoming the preferred token launchpad platform for upcoming projects.

It has a lot of liquidity and holding the UNI Token provides many benefits and users can also take part in liquidity mining initiatives. The UNI Token can be considered a potential investment asset for registering huge gains in 2022. 

FTT achieves the biggest token position by dollar value

As per Whalestats, the native cryptocurrency of the FTX exchange, the FTT Token has achieved the biggest token position in terms of dollar value. It shows that whales continue to accumulate huge volumes of the FTT Token anticipating a potential price spike in the future. The FTT Token provides attractive rewards inside the FTX cryptocurrency exchange that has managed to remain in the limelight due to rising volumes and large acquisitions. 

Pacman Frog registers whales’ interest

Many whales are buying huge volumes of the PAC Token through its presale. You can also participate by visiting the presale link available here. Hurry as the presale ends soon and it is a golden opportunity to accumulate this potential multi-bagger token at lower prices. 

The Pacman Frog platform will provide launchpad services for project owners who wish to launch their tokens or NFTs on the site. The site will be governed democratically through a DAO and users will get to decide on all matters including which projects to support in the future. 

Rather than limiting support to launching tokens, the Pacman Frog ecosystem will provide technical and marketing services too. It will function as an umbrella organization where projects will be nurtured and ultimately launched for presale programs.  

The PAC Token will be used as a governance token and will also provide passive rewards for its users. It targets the gaming incubation space and will provide support to interesting blockchain projects and play to earn games. You can learn more about this coin at the links shared at the end of this article. Always ensure you carry out research before buying any token.

Add FTT and UNI Tokens to your watchlist for diversification purposes and for reducing risk. These two coins also provide passive incomes and are part of a vibrant launchpad exchange ecosystem. The launchpad space is presently cluttered with many unorganized and centralized players that are not very transparent.

Projects like the Pacman Frog site will help in bringing more transparency and accountability to this launchpad space and will ensure investors get a fair share for investing their funds. By providing governance powers, users will get a say in running affairs and the entire community will be powered by a decentralized autonomous organization (DA).

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