Uniswap Labs Launches Swap Widget to Bring Web3 Mainstream

NEW YORK–()–Uniswap Labs, a developer of web3-based infrastructure and applications, today debuted a new digital asset swapping experience. The Swap Widget is an embeddable swapping feature which can be easily integrated into any website. The Swap Widget allows users to easily pay for an NFT, join a community, use a web3-based platform, and more without navigating away from the native site to go to an exchange. Uniswap Labs is thrilled to launch the Swap Widget with launch partners OpenSea, Friends with Benefits, and Oasis.app.

Uniswap Labs envisions a world in which financial markets are transparent, fair, and accessible to everyone. Uniswap Labs is building a suite of tools and infrastructure to bring this vision to life – including new open source financial primitives, and tools and interfaces to easily access these primitives. The launch of the Swap Widget, which allows easy access to the native Uniswap app’s seamless swapping experience accessible to everyone across the internet, brings Uniswap Labs’ vision one step closer to reality.

At Uniswap Labs we are working to give anyone with an Internet connection access to fair, open, and transparent markets,” said Uniswap Labs Chief Executive Officer Hayden Adams. “The launch of the Swap Widget brings this vision one step closer to reality by making seamless swapping possible anywhere across the Internet.”

On OpenSea, NFT collectors can swap other tokens they hold for wrapped ether (WETH) to purchase NFTs without leaving the site.

We are pleased to partner with OpenSea, Friends with Benefits and Oasis, each of which has built a leading web3-based application and whose users will benefit from the Swap Widget. We look forward to building on our suite of infrastructure and tools to make user experiences simpler and more secure,” Adams said.

We’re excited to partner with Uniswap Labs to allow people on OpenSea to seamlessly convert tokens to WETH to purchase NFTs without ever leaving the platform,” said Ryan Foutty, VP of Business Development at OpenSea. “We share Uniswap’s ambition to build better experiences for crypto-native audiences while welcoming new users into web3, and can’t wait to see how the widget improves the buyer experience on OpenSea.”

On FWB, approved community members can easily purchase the FWB tokens they need on the FWB homepage. On Oasis.app, investors can deploy their crypto into DeFi.

To learn more about the Swap Widget, visit the Uniswap blog https://uniswap.org/blog.

About Uniswap Labs

Uniswap Labs is a developer of foundational web3-based infrastructure and a core contributor to the Uniswap Protocol. The Uniswap Protocol is the largest decentralized exchange and automated market making protocol on Ethereum. To learn more about Uniswap Labs, please visit https://uniswap.org/.