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Valeria Blokhina

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Ripple v. SEC: defendants’ attempt to block supplemental expert report fails

Expert discovery in the Ripple-SEC case seems to be far from an end, as Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn allowed the regulator to file a supplemental expert report, granting it a minor win against the fintech giant. Last month, Ripple moved to strike a new rebuttal report by securities and finance expert Dr. Albert Metz on the “economic significance” of Ripple’s public announcement with regards to XRP’s performance. The company argued that the new version of the report did not reveal anything new. The discovery deadline has now been pushed to May 13 in order to re-depose Dr. Metz.


SHIB to be listed on DeFi exchange Parex

According to the official announcement on Twitter, Parex decentralized exchange is getting ready to start trading Shiba Inu and to launch Shiba Inu deposits today, on April 20. The meme token will be paired against USDT. Earlier this month, several other exchanges had added support for the meme cryptocurrency. However, unlike those platforms, Parex is a decentralized crypto exchange, which allows for transactions to occur using the peer-to-peer technology securely without a third party acting as an intermediary.



Cardano Vasil hardfork details shared by developer

In his recent thread on Twitter, Cardano developer and researcher who goes by @Soorajksaju2 covered the major milestones that will be achieved with the release of the Vasil hardfork in late June 2022. First of all, CIP 33 will reconsider the logic of how the Plutus scripts are submitted to the blockchain, reducing the usage of data and increasing the net throughput of Cardano. The CIP 31 upgrade will allow dApps to access transactional outputs, solving the “one transaction per block” issue bashed by Cardano critics. The CIP 32 upgrade will allow storing data on-chain “seamlessly,” which will advance the decentralization and adoption of the blockchain. The CIP 40 upgrade will advance the DDoS-protection of Cardano and protect users from losing their ADA collateral.

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin now accepted by Porsche dealer

Porsche Towson, Baltimore’s only exclusive Porsche center, is now accepting Dogecoin and Shiba Inu as payment for new and used sports cars under the famous brand. This became possible thanks to Porsche Towson’s partnership with cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay. Earlier this month, Dutton Garage, one of the world’s top retailers of exotic and rare cars, started accepting 30 cryptocurrencies in partnership with Australian exchange CoinSpot.