Arabian Doge Intends to Revolutionize the Rewards Mechanism

Dubai, UAE, April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The $ADOGE project looks set to cause another major disruption in the crypto space as the BEP20 token officially launches. Described as “The Arabian Doge,” the token is created primarily to flip SHIB by leveraging a community of blockchain enthusiasts. The 100% decentralized and meme-utility token project looks to earn the attribute of the next big thing in the blockchain space, as it aims to seek and destroy Shiba.

$ADoge rewards it’s holders with $DOGE Reflection. So, just by holding, believing and supporting the project, you automatically earn REAL DogeCoin Tokens.

The blockchain space has undoubtedly expanded beyond imagination over the years, as a plethora of projects emerge from developers across the globe to meet the varying needs of crypto enthusiasts. The likes of Doge and Shiba practically shook the world, literally aiming for the moon in a relatively short duration. While SHIBA flipped DOGE and became the sought-after token in the digital currency market, ADOGE looks set to send shocking waves through the market by flipping SHIBA and surpassing the feat achieved by the BEP20 token with support from as many people as possible. Consequently, developers of the $ADOGE project have announced the launch of the $ADOGE token sale to enable as many people as possible to be a part of the revolution.

What’s more in Arabian Doge:

  • ArabianDoge are flying 2 investors out to Dubai
  • Real-life nft utilities starting in Dubai
  • Arabian Venture club for NFT holder

$ADOGE will only be available for purchase from official links. Consequently, interested persons are advised to verify the correctness of the contract before making any purchase.