Ethereum Founder Vitalik Made a Poll with ADA Winning Top Choice Aside from ETH | Follow Up Showed TRON as Winner?

Ethereum has gained a solid following and a strong community in the crypto space. Its founder, Vitalik, asked the public why crypto will make a good alternative to Ethereum. 

ADA Won the Poll Made by Ethereum’s Founder Vitalik

In quite an interesting turn of events, Ethereum founder Vitalik, who has 3.1 followers on Twitter, created a poll, which Cardano (ADA) ended up winning. As tweeted out by ADA whale, SBF and maxis remained in disbelief but were soothed by a number of coping theories like bots and more.

To add, ADA whale noted that Cardano has one of the biggest communities in the crypto space that are not just driven by gains. The Twitter account notes that it could be time to stop fighting the trend and finally align with it.


Poll Saw ADA Win the First Batch and TRON Winning Second Batch

The poll, however, did not end just there as Vitalik added to the thread with a new set of options. To put things into perspective, Vitalik released a poll for the Ethereum community asking them that, if they woke up in 2035 and 80% of all transactions and savings in the world are in a currency that isn’t ETH, which currency would they think it would be?

The initial tweet allowed voters to choose from BTC, USD, SOL, and ADA with a total of over 600 thousand votes. Here are the initial results:

  • BTC – 38.4% of the poll

  • USD – 6.5% of the poll

  • SOL – 13.1% of the poll

  • ADA – 42% of the poll

Within that tweet alone, the clear winner is Cardano’s ADA. However, Vitalik tweeted again another set of choices with the same description and had a total of 358 thousand votes. Here are the results of the second poll:

  • TRON – 51.3% of the poll

  • BNB – 22.8% of the poll

  • CNY – 4.1% of the poll

  • NEO – 21.8% of the poll

Despite TRON getting a higher percentage, with 51.3% of the poll responses, this puts TRX at about 184 thousand votes. ADA, on the other hand, was able to get a whopping 252 thousand votes.

Although Ethereum is still one of the top choices of most crypto owners, investors, and enthusiasts, Cardano’s ADA is another project that is closely being observed. Aside from the fact that it aims to solve the gas fee problem, Cardano is also aiming to be completely decentralized.


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What Happened to ADA’s SundaeSwap?

Despite the excitement for SundaeSwap within the Cardano ecosystem, the announcement of the DAO highlighted the scaling problem of ADA. A video by MoneyZG on YouTube explains what was really happening.

Per the YouTube video, the reason why SundaeSwap transactions could take days to push through is because Cardano has not solved the scaling problem since it does not want to compromise decentralization.

This is in contraste to other blockchains that are going centralized and scaled for now and then decentralizing later.


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