BLAZAR is going to be listed on UNISWAP along with other exchanges in January 2022

UNITED STATES, December 9, 2021 / — The Governmental Pension System is failing on many levels, and it won’t be long until it’s completely out of funds. When this happens retirees, who paid into this fund their entire career, will no longer receive monthly pension checks.

The trustees who overlook the management of these funds through investments managed to ascertain a Miniscule 1.2% Return on their money in 2020.

This 1.2% investment return on the billions of dollars they have taken from employees is unsustainable to maintain paying retirees.

In order to solve these problems and eventually do away with the public pension system altogether, BLAZAR is introduced, a cryptocurrency token built to access otherwise inaccessible retirement funds.

The BLAZAR Token was created to supplement one’s retirement fund that offers full transparency and accountability on every level. Additionally, it has the ability to be moved around or withdrawn at any time without fees or restrictions. The token will be able to be purchased through payroll deduction every week. It will be taken out of one’s weekly earnings PRE-TAX similar to payment into a Pension, 401k, IRA, or any other retirement savings plan.

The decentralized crypto token BLAZAR is part of the ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain Network. People will no longer only see their pension contribution balances on a monthly Statement but now down to the second updates on personal funds. 10% of these allocations will go directly into the Ethereum Blockchain Investment to ensure members the stability of their fund and be part of the massive growth potential that Crypto Currency has. The best overall investments people can be a part of.

Following the success of the BLAZAR token, BLAZAR will be offering their second token in the Stellar Elliptical Galaxy entitled, “The Blitzar Token.”

While the Blitzar Token will mirror BLAZAR in terms of being designated a unitary fund for retirement savings, it will be offered to a completely different group of constituents with different income levels and needs throughout the world. The supply levels will be different. They have launched a new website

For more information, visit their website. For queries, email them at

About Blazar

BLAZAR is a decentralized token, and it eliminates the need for a centralized third party to manage investments in the token and fix the transparency issues. The token is built on the Ethereum network and will first be listed on the UniSwap.

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