80s Token Rewards Crypto & Inspired NFTs

80s Token and Decades Metaverse NFTs


Decades Metaverse Team, a collective of developers, crypto investors and enthusiasts, and NFT artists and curators, has minted it’s first official token!

80s Token is a described as a parallel metaverse rewards cryptocurrency, that rewards long term holders of the token, while also sending airdrops of free tokens to community members that purchase over one billion tokens. Get in cheap while you still can!

Here’s how to buy 80s Token on PancakeSwap.
1). Go to https://pancakeswap.finance/

2). Click on “Connect Wallet”, connect your Metamask browser wallet.
(Get Metamask here at https://metamask.io/ if you don’t have it yet.)

3). Go to Trade > Exchange, from the top menu.

4). In the Swap window, choose BNB for the first token and type in the amount of BNB you want to spend.
(You need to send BNB to your Metamask wallet from an exchange like Binance.us, where you can buy BNB with regular money.)

5). Click on “CAKE” which will bring up the dropdown list to select the token you want to get.

6). Click “Manage Tokens” at the bottom of the select tokens window.

7). Click on the Tokens tab and add this address in the input field:
80s Token will show up so you can add it.

8). Click on the Gear icon and set “Slippage Tolerance” to 14%.

9). Now you click “Swap” then “Confirm Swap” and you are buying 80s Tokens!
Don’t forget to Confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet.

10). To see your new tokens in Metamask, scroll to the bottom and click on “Import Tokens”

11). Add the “Token Contract Address” again:
Click on “Add Custom Token”

12). Now make sure you are on the “Assets” tab of your Metamask wallet and you should see your 80s Tokens!

If you have issues, contact support at 80stoken@gmail.com

80s Token also supports the Decades Metaverse Inspired NFT Collections, a parallel metaverse of time period inspired NFT artwork.
The first NFT collection curated and made available is entitled “80s Rockers” and is now available here on Rarible.com.
Coming soon is a remarkable future wave inspired collection called “The 2180s.”