Radio Caca, EverGrow Coin and CryptoMines Eternal Top Projects on Binance Smart Chain

NEWARK, DE / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2021 / Binance Chain is growing rapidly with over $15M transactions daily. Binance chain recently became the biggest competitor to Ethereum due to its lower and faster transaction compared to Ethereum. Leveraging its advanced consensus multiple successful projects are being launched daily on BSC. Leading the way, Radio Caca, EverGrow Coin, and Cryptomines Ethernal are getting the most attention. The newly launched projects have more than 100M+ combined daily trading volume. Since its inception in May 2021, Radio Caca (RACA) has established itself as a leader in GameFi and Metaverse. Radio Caca non fungible token (NFT) releases are highly sought-after.

Launched just 7 weeks ago, EverGrow Coin has already broken many previous crypto records. EverGrow Coin managed to achieve a $1B Marketcap, distributed more than $27 Million in BUSD rewards, and has more than 100,000 holders.

Cryptomines is a Play to Earn NFT game where you’ll progress by acquiring Mining Power. MP is limited by the amount of workers you’ve currently minted and hired

Why EverGrow Could Be the Next Leading Cryptocurrency on BSC?

EverGrow recently revealed their NFT Marketplace, and Content Subscription Platform Demo, and in a recent AMA, the team mentioned their plan to launch their own play-to-earn Game. EverGrow is developing the world’s first decentralized NFT lending platform and Staking Pool ensuring token prices are supported by the Ecosystem of utilities. The content subscription platform will allow users to access excellent quality content. The revenue generated from all these services will again be used to buy EverGrow tokens from exchanges by developers, which will permanently detach them from the circulatory supply.

2% of every transaction will transfer to the EverGrow contract for automated buybacks. Once it’s active, the fund’s reserves in the contract will be used to burn EverGrow coins. Even after the commencing burn of 50% of supply during launch, this contract has already burned 2% of EverGrow tokens through Auto buybacks.

There is no such precedent in the Crypto world equivalent to this high-powered tokenomics. Right from launch, the EverGrow coin has shown a rising chart. Furthermore, EverGrow is listed on a series of Cex exchanges like Bitmart, Bibox, Lbank, Coinsbit. This has opened up new opportunities for millions of investors throughout the world. Knowing that, it’s wise to say that EverGrow is on its way to becoming Top Cryptocurrencies on Binance Smart Chain.

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