MissDoge and the rise of the tokens on Binance Smart Chain

NEW YORK, July 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 2021 is the year witnessing the blooming of projects on the Binance Smart Chain platform with growth from tens to even hundreds and thousands of times. Immersed in that trend, MissDoge is currently one of the hottest and most sought-after BSC tokens.

What is MissDoge?

MissDoge is a project developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform with the goal of bringing value to the community through specific and transparent strategies.

MissDoge Special Features

70% of pre-sale BNB will be added to liquidity and locked by DxSale for 6 months.

  • Dump Prevention Mechanism

New Dump Prevention Mechanism (Buyback-Mechanism) so the token’s price always increases!

The $MDOGE’s Smart-Contracts work automatically!

Why is MissDoge so sought after?

Everyone fears deflation, and so does MissDoge. In order to prevent the $MDOGE token from deflationary, they’ve employed several methods:

3% of total token will be burned after launching

Dev have no token, all token sale only on Dxsale

  • Pre-sale token liquidity locked

Liquidity for Pre-sale locked by DxSale for 6 months.

MissDoge Roadmap

June, 2021: The Beginning (Set up Telegram; Launch Website; Social Media Launch)

Early July, 2021: Token Launch (Reddit CMS Posts; Launch Integrity Presale; Launch Integrity On PancakeSwap; Apply For Listings on CoinSniper; Apply For Listings on CoinHunt; Apply For Listings on CoinGecko; Apply For Listings on CoinMarketCap; Marketing push to spread awareness; 10.000 telegram members)

Mid July, 2021: Marketing Phase 2 (Huge push via Influencer Marketing on Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Tik Tok and much more; Influencer marketing push; Listing on coingecko; Listing on coinmarketcap; 30.000 telegram members; 30.000 $MDOGE holders; Community vote dashboard)

September, 2021: More Action (Production Of NFTs for Integrity; Giveaway Of NFTs For Integrity Holders; 100.000 $MDOGE holders; 100.000 telegram members; Large influencer marketing push based on election results; Listings on major cex; More memes from community)

MissDoge – Don’t miss your chance!
Website: https://missdoge.net/
Community: https://t.me/missdoge

Media Contact –
Irene Mark