Hedge Finance Brings Dynamic Rewards & Unique Solutions To Binance Smart Chain

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 26, 2021 / Hedge Finance is a novel BEP-20 dynamic rewards token protocol. You may have seen rewards tokens in the past, for example Safemoon, Evergrow, and a plethora of others. All of these projects had the same fatal flaw, a static reward. Whether that reward was the token itself, BUSD, or another BEP-20 token, this could never be changed.

This changes with Hedge Finance. $HEDGE holders receive a reward in a dynamically determined BEP-20 rewards token. This reward amount is determined by the volume that flows through the protocol. 8% of every $HEDGE buy or sell is swapped for the current rewards token and distributed among holders. Users may track rewards they’ve received on the Hedge Dashboard.

This reward can be changed at any time to better coincide with the current market conditions. Hedge Finance provides a list of vetted and researched rewards tokens, which the community then votes to determine which they will receive.

Obviously a way to ensure constant volume is needed, which is where the Hedge Finance Launchpad comes into play. Expected launch Q1 2022, HedgePad aims to be an exclusive and high quality launchpad for promising new projects on the Binance Smart Chain. Hedge Finance will vet these projects and the teams behind them. If they’re determined to be safe and promising, a formal partnership will be announced. The project will then either partially or fully launch on HedgePad. Users holding more than 20,000 $HEDGE will have the ability to participate in these project presales.

This has the potential to rocket new projects, as the Hedge protocol will be constantly buying and rewarding in their token. Hedge holders will also receive extremely early exposure, regardless of whether or not they chose to participate in the launch. Many of these projects would be expected to 100 or even 1000x, meaning even a small amount earned through rewards would potentially end up as a substantial holding!

Hedge’s plans don’t stop with the launchpad. In order to continue providing value to $HEDGE holders, they’re building an all encompassing data analytics and trading platform for BSC tokens built exclusively for Hedge holders. Holders will be able to view data and analytics, set up trading bots, and set limit orders and stop losses. Hedge will combine machine learning transactions, volume, and wallet analysis with social media sentiment analysis to give Hedge holders a big picture view of all information available to execute the best possible trades at any given moment.

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Website: https://www.hedge-finance.com/
Docs/Audit: https://www.hedge-finance.com/docs
Dashboard: https://app.hedge-finance.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/HedgeFinancial
Medium: https://hedge-finance.medium.com/
Hedge contact: info@hedge-finance.com
Media contact name: Christian Reed
Media contact: contact@coinzy.co
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