GMCoin’s Bridge/Swap Round II Live, World’s First Coin on Tron Blockchain Tokenizing Real-World Assets

GMCoin Token sale is live on its Swap / Bridge platform. Launchpad and Round 1 Sold Out with 100% success rate (Source: ZYCrypto). So, after doing your own research you can participate in our sale and get benefited with up to 30% discount right now.

What Value GMCoin brings to the Market

Recent estimates place the current value of all real-world assets at around $256 trillion globally. While that jaw-dropping number is fairly stable, all of these assets keep changing owners on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the processes used to trade these assets are completely outdated.

Ownership over a vast majority of real-world assets is still signified by pieces of paper. That’s why most transactions can take weeks or even months to complete. Asset trades are also plagued by extensive amounts of red tape, countless fees and various geographical restrictions. Furthermore, most assets are very difficult to subdivide, which makes their respective markets highly illiquid. Real estate, gold reserves and fine art are all great examples here.

Fortunately, with the recent development of GMCoin, the way of owning and trading real-world assets might be on the brink of a true revolution.

GMCoin has an innovative process in which real-world assets get signified by digital tokens existing on a blockchain network. Once tokenization is performed, tokens essentially become digital stocks with irrefutable proof of ownership. A notable upgrade to any paper-based system, tokenization is the way we’ll be managing assets going forward.

Why Tokenize Real-World Assets with GMCoin?

Regardless of whether GMCoin is tokenizing a real-world asset or intangible items like intellectual properties, we create an environment of unparalleled liquidity that facilitates safe and quick transactions.

What’s more, by representing real-world assets with digital tokens on a blockchain, we can trade without the need for third-party brokers. Instead, blockchain’s immutability rids transactions of any wannabe fraud attempts.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key benefits tokenizing real-world assets with GMCoin brings to the table:

Enhanced liquidity of assets (real estate is a prime use case)

No need for a third supervising party as transactions are verified by the network itself

Reduced entry barriers

Attracts new investors through the possibility of fractional ownership

Lower risks thanks to better market transparency

Previously difficult and long-drawn trades get done significantly faster

Transactions become cheaper due to substituting administrative expenses with self-authorizing smart contracts

According to “GMCoin is the first company to establish a vast and practical token model developed on the TRON network. It will be the First Tokenized Company in the World with its Tron Blockchain-based $GMCoin ecosystem.” They have also predicted that the price of GMCoin could go up to $0.1 within 2 months. In the long term, it is most likely to hit $0.5. (may be by the end of 2021 or early 2022).

Round II Details: 

Starting at: 23rd August 2021

GMCoin Price: $0.08

Available at: Bridge and Swap platform exclusively.

Each of them have minimum and maximum buying limitations along with KYC (required in some cases). Participation restricted for the countries; Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria, and Tajikistan. Through the Central African Republic, Eritrea, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali, Namibia, Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen, and the United States residents must check their local laws and regulations prior to buying. More details can be found in the investors presentation of GMCoin.


GM Informatics JSC is the Highest Grade Joint Stock Company registered and trademarked in Turkey since 2009. GM Informatics JSC is an ISO/IEC 27001 Accredited company maintaining 2500+ IT Assets. It will be the First Tokenized Company in the World with its Tron Blockchain-based $GMCoin ecosystem.


GMCoin Founder and Team

Mehmet Ali Demirci – Director of GM Informatics JSC and GMCoin

Ömer Reşad Kayran – Lawyer / Advisor

Bedriye Koç – CPA / Advisor

Mustafa Toker – Lawyer / Advisor

Apoorv Gupta – Marketing and Global Operations Manager

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