Virtue Poker to Host Celebrity NFT Event with Phil I…

When it comes to Celebrity Charity poker events, very few can match cryptocurrency cardroom Virtue Poker’s line up this weekend, with the legendary Phil Ivey being joined by NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce, Hollywood A-lister Vince Vaughn and YouTube phenom MrBeast among many others.

To celebrate the star-studded poker tournament, a Binance Mysterybox NFT card collection offers buyers to collect and trade hands with the chance to KO the celebrities and win prizes ranging from $2.5k all the way up to $25k.

To add to the fun, the Ace of Spades will have a special $5000 prize, as it carries the digital signature of Phil Ivey, the legendary poker pro being the very public face of the best-known crypto-poker platform.

Who are Virtue Poker?

For those who somehow still haven’t heard of the online cryptocurrency poker site, Virtue Poker is a decentralized poker platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain and peer-to-peer networking to provide one of the safest, most honest and fun online poker rooms out there

The remarkable Phil Ivey may be the best-known of those involved in the site, but fellow highstakes pros Brian Rast and Dan Colman are also on their roster, and the Virtue Poker team doesn’t end with famous poker players.

It also includes a former NASA engineer, the first Chief Marketing Officer of PokerStars and a development and product team averaging over 15 years of experience in each of their respective domains.

Quite the resume, and there’s more. Being a crypto-based poker room, it’s more than useful to have an advisory board that includes Joe Lubin, one of the co-founders of the Ethereum blockchain, and Damian Sokol, the former CEO of PokerStrategy, the largest online poker strategy website.

In fact, Joe Lubin will be one of the big names with a price on his head come Sunday, as will TRON founder, Justin Sun, and Polygon Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal.

The Virtue Poker team revealed the thinking behind the exciting event, a “first-of-its kind interactive NFT experience for our viewers”

“Through our partnership with Binance (the giants of the cryptocurrency exchange market), we aim to continue to drive adoption both of the Virtue Poker platform and of NFTs.

They add: “We are taking this step to illustrate yet another use case for NFTs: interacting with a live event.”

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital data units on a blockchain that are used to represent unique photos and other media, in this case digital playing cards.

How it works!

It’s fairly simple, although there will be step-by-step guides available for NFT and crypto-newbies looking to get in on the action.

First up…

You have to purchase (2) mystery boxes to assemble a hand. You can then trade with each other to assemble the best poker hand on the secondary market.

You can collect up to (50) completed hands (100 boxes and you must HOLD the winning hand in your Binance account to be eligible for the prizes and rewards. That means, if you’ve swapped your winning hand, tough!

$10k Freeroll Tournament

Virtue Poker is also hosting a freeroll tournament in which “ALL holders of (2) mystery boxes will have exclusive access to enter a $10,000 free-roll tournament on the Virtue Poker platform.”


Everyone who has a completed hand or hands can compete and win:

  • $2500 for players holding the winning hand for each knockout. If multiple players own the hand then the prize money of $2500 will be split equally among all the winners
  • One (1) player holding the championship knockout hand will win the $25,000 prize. If multiple players possess the championship knockout hand, (1) lucky player will be randomly picked for the reward.

And there’s more goodies on store, courtesy of Virtue Poker’s partnership with RARA NFT…

RARA Poker Chips Bonus

Virtue Poker has partnered with RARA NFT to add additional prizes to the Mysterybox drop and event. Users can acquire RARA tokens as poker chips to increase the size of their rewards on Binance.

There is still time to get in on this excellent bonus boost before the big event on Sunday 26th.

Up until Saturday 25th September at UTC 12:00, RARA will reveal a wallet address on its Twitter. Users who transfer RARA tokens to this wallet in the allotted time will participate in the game.

As virtue Poker explain: “The total RARA tokens in this wallet will comprise a prize pool. The user who holds the NFTs of all winning hands wins the entire RARA prize pool. If there are multiple winners, only the one who transfers the most RARA tokens wins the entire prize pool.”

The RARA tl;dr looks like this:

Reward: Cash reward of the total RARA tokens in the RARA wallet

Eligibility: Users who transfer RARA tokens to the RARA wallet

Redemption: Fill in and submit the survey sent by RARA

In conclusion, it’s an incredible idea that teams all the most modern and incredible uses of the blockchain; crypto-currency, online poker rooms, NFTs and live poker.