What is Anon Inu Token? Anonymous crypto price and how to buy

Anon Inu token has been announced, with the upcoming cryptocurrency advertised by the online group Anonymous having done the rounds on social media. But what is Anon Inu token, what’s its price, and when will it be available to buy? Here’s all you need to know.

How to buy Anon Inu token and its price

Anon Inu token will seemingly be available to buy on July 8, 2021. This is indicated by a countdown from the verified Anonymous News Facebook account. The price has yet to be set given that it has yet to become available to purchase.

Anon Inu is set to be available to purchase via Pancake Swap. However, as is the case with all BSC traded via this platform, users must be cautious of who they’re trading with given that anyone can register a token on the platform. Pancake Swap typically informs traders if a token’s creator is unverified, meaning that it doesn’t know if the trade will be legitimate.

Anon Inu is described as the following on its official site: “The lustrous ANON INU has arrived to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). INU was mistreated his whole life and has finally found a loving place to stay he calls home. ANON INU’s goal is to keep his holders happy by being a Defi token that has three functions: manual burns, adding towards liquidity and distributing his holders.”

The Anonymous Facebook page has over 10 million likes, so this will likely generate a whole bunch of attention to the token compared with other fledgling crypto. It remains to be seen if Anon Inu token will become profitable or will be another meme token that’s swiftly forgotten about, but with the likes of Shiba Inu Coin and Baby Doge gaining ground, there’s still the possibility of Anon Uni coin making unexpected ground and becoming a big thing for investors. With it having yet to be released, we’ll have to wait to see the validity of the token.